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Weird AL Net Worth

Weird AL Net Worth 2020

Alfred Matthew who is widely known as Weird AL also is an American Singer, songwriter, author, and satirist. He is mostly known among the people for his humorous songs and him parody some songs for his fans. His first comedy song was aired in the year 1976, and more than twelve million albums of it were sold at that time. He has performed more than thousand live shows till now. You must be interested in knowing more about the life, and you can check out the Net worth of Weird AL in 2020 in this article.

Early Life & Biography

Weird AL Net Worth 2020

He was born on 23rd October in the year 1959 in Downey, California. He spends his childhood in Lynwood, California and he is the only child of Nick Yankovic and Elizabeth. His father has served during the World War II and then got married to Mary in the year 1949 after which they gave birth to Alfred. He got in touch with music when he got his first lesson in music before he was going to turn six years old. A salesman offered his parents for him to take guitar lessons at a local music school.

He went to the music school for three years, and after that, he decided to learn guitar on his own. It is known that he is a big fan of Elton John. He was never interested in sports events at all, and he used to go to Lynwood High School. He was active in extracurricular activities in his school when he used to take part in plays and speeches. He also attended California Polytechnic University from where he got bachelor’s degree in architecture.

Personal Life

He decided to become a vegan when his former girlfriend gifted him a book related to diet. He follows a strict vegetarian diet, but he says that he cheats occasionally. In the year 2004, his parents were found dead in Fallbrook California. It is known that they were the victims of Carbon Monoxide which came out from their fireplace.

After his wife notified him about his parent’s death, he went to a concert because he wanted to overcome the tough time. He also says that his parents’ death was the worst thing which has happened to him. He got married to Suzzane Krajewski in the year 2001 who was introduced to him by Bill Mumy. Their daughter was born in the year 2003.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Not only he was just a singer, but he also directed his various music videos, and actually, after the year 1993, he has directed all of his music videos. He has also appeared on various TV shows. He has also written books and his first book was released in the year 2011. His book also reached on the fourth position in The New York Times Best Seller list. He has also written the sequel for this book. He has won various awards for his comedy recordings.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Weird AL is around $18 million which he earned through his music albums, solo concerts, live performances, writing books and doing another thing along with it. He is famous among people for this comedy singing. He is loved across the world by his fans.

Weird AL is a famous singer who is known among the people with his nickname. Only a few of his fans know his real name otherwise, he is famous with his nickname. He is known for singing songs which has comedy in them and his debut song was a great hit which he did along with his brother.


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