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Trent Reznor Net Worth

If you were born before the 90s, then you know Quake. The 1996 Id software’s original music is credited to Trent Reznor. He and his counterpart Nine Inch Nails helped to record the ambient audio as well as the sound effects behind that software’s music. But, all doesn’t stop there as this gentleman has a long story to tell. In this piece, we will figure out his career journey and all he has been through. And by the way, what is the net worth of Trent Reznor in 2020? Well, we shall figure out that in this piece.

Early Life & Biography

Trent Reznor Net Worth 2020

Mr. Trent was born in May 1965 in Mercer, Pennsylvania. He is an American musician, songwriter, composer as well as a producer. Mr. Trent Rezner is the founder of the Industrial rock project. Here, he was both the songwriter as well as the primary musician. His father is called Michael Reznor and mother, Lucy. The musician has both a German and Irish ancestry.

He grew up in Mercer, Pennsylvania. His parent divorced while this star was only six, and he went to live with his maternal grandparents. While there he gained an interest in playing piano at 12. Like any good kid who loves skateboarding and building model planes, he had something unique in him, playing the piano.

After completing his high school studies in 1983, he attended Allegheny College briefly before setting off to Cleveland. At Cleveland, he used to play for a couple of bands while still holding various jobs until he landed a job in a recording studio. In the 80s, this star went to Allegheny College to study computer engineering but dropped out a year later.

Personal Life

After releasing The Downward Spiral, he received news that his grandmother had passed on. This sent him to depression. The shocking news made him get into drugs and alcohol He did hard drugs such as cocaine and more. Mr. Trent at some point even had suicidal thoughts. Nonetheless, he went to rehab, reformed and completed in 2001 then moved to Los Angeles.

On 17th October 2009, Trent married Mariqueen Maandig an American singer, now 39 years. The two only dated for a year before marrying. The marriage only lasted for 8 years until 2017. The marriage was however fruitful as they were blessed with 3 kids, Lazarus Echo, Balthazar, and one more.

Career, Award & Nominations

He started his musical career while he was still very young, at Mercer Area Junior/Senior High School. He joined Option 30, a local band and played three shows every week. After dropping out of college and moving to Ohio to pursue a music career, he joined The Innocent as a keyboardist band where they release an album, Livin’ in the Street. He later joined Exotic Birds band in 1986. Singer Trent also did keyboard for Slam Bamboo occasionally. Reznor later became an assistant engineer at the Right Track Studio in Cleveland.

Over time, he has won several awards, amounting to 19 of them and received up to 46 nominations. In 2011, he won the Academy Awards, USA and Golden Globes, USA, Alliance of Women Film Journalists, ASCAP Film and Television Music Awards, Awards Circuit Community Awards, Boston Society of Film Critics Awards, and much more. He was nominated for Broadcast Film Critics Association Awards and Central Ohio Film Critics Association, Grammy Awards and much more.

Net Worth & Earnings

The 53 years old hard rock musician’s net worth is estimated to be $80 million. He has over time produced a lot of music and instrumental for himself and corporates. Other than him being part of the numerous infamous bands, he has also sung and produced notable songs.

As you have seen in this piece, everything is possible. While life is made up of thorns and roses, tripling and falling are quite easy. However what matters is how and when you will wake up and match ahead. As soon as Mr. Trent knew he was sinking into the world of drugs, he rose up, dusted himself and followed the right path. Now he ranks among the wealthiest stars the world over.


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