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Rick Astley Net Worth

Rick Astley Net Worth 2020

Rick Astley is a renowned British songwriter as well as a singer whose popularity is unquestionable following his large sales in his records in which he has sold more than 40 Million records globally. He has been known for some of his major hits such as ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’ which has been integrated into a viral meme known as ‘Rickrolling’. In his career, he has admitted that he has been highly influenced by bands such as Beatles and Genesis. He additionally plays most instruments including Piano, Drums, Saxophone, and Guitar. Keep reading this article to know more about the net worth of Rick Astley in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Rick Astley Net Worth 2020

Rick Astley was born on 6th February 1966 in Newton-le-Willows in England. His full name is Richard Paul ‘Rick’ Astley and was born to his father known as Horace Astley and his mother known as Cynthia Astley. He has three siblings which include two elder brothers and an elder sister.

At the age of five, their parents separated which led Rick from being raised up by his father only. As his father was a religious man, Rick got more exposure in their local church choir. He was a drummer form most bands while at school. Rick then dropped out of school while at the age of sixteen years in which he started working as a driver at his father’s gardening business. He also kept his focus on music during this time from which he used to play drums for the Beatles band.

Personal Life

Rick Astley met Lene Bausager in the year 1988 while she was a promoter of the ‘RCA Records’. She was nominated as the Best Live Action Short Film in 2006. They got engaged and then got married in the year 2003. The couple had previously had a daughter before marriage who is known as Emile in 1992

Career, Awards & Nominations

Rick’s career kicked off when he formed a band known as FBI which used to do a live performance in the local clubs. While at FBI, a popular producer known as Pete Waterman noticed his proficiency and then hired him to work together with his company. From this, Rick had his first Single known as When You Gonna though it did not succeed.

In 1987, on the release of his other single known as Never Gonna Give You Up, he got much fame which was his turning point. In this time, this single became the best selling in that year in the United Kingdom and topped in many other major countries. He then released an album known as Whenever You Need Somebody in late 1987 which also hit and a fourth single known as Together Forever in 1988 which still hit the music market.

He started working on a solo career after separating with his friend known as Stock Aitken Waterman from which he released other albums such as Free in 1991 and fell on 9th position in the UK then followed by other two albums; Cry for Help in 1991 and Body and Soul in 1993 after which he made a decision to retire from his career though returned back in 2002 by releasing a single known as Sleeping and other many more albums and singles
He is a holder of many awards he has won which include Brit Award, Rick MTV Europe Music Award for the Best Act Ever in the Rickrolling.

Net Worth & Earnings

Rick Astley has an estimated net worth of $20 Million. He has attained this net worth from the earnings he has had from his hit singles which have contributed to a high extent in his net worth. Most world tours he has made have also contributed in a huge way. He owns a $2 Million worth Richmond Park house as well as a Leon car worth $25,000.

Rick Astley has had much success beginning from being a local drummer at his early stages in his career. He is well known for his humility in which he believes in giving back to the society and he takes part in most of the charitable activities. He as well loves to live outside the look of the media.