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Rachel Platten Net Worth

Rachel Platten Net Worth 2020

Rachel Ashley Platten a.k.a. Rachel Platten is an American based singers and a popular songwriter. She became popular after releasing two big hit independent albums in the year 2003 and 2011. She debuted her single in the year 2015 which was “Fight Song”. This single hit was a life-changing song for her career. Rachel has won an Emmy Award for her crazy live performance in America. Now let’s have a close look at the Net worth of Rachel Platten in the year 2019.

Early Life and Biography

Rachel Platten Net Worth 2020

Rachel was born in the New York City in an Irish background family. Her birthday was on May 20, 1981. Rachel was raised by her mother in Newton Centre, Massachusetts. She has completed her schooling in Mason-Rice Elementary School. She started learning Piano at the early age of 5. Later, in high school, she learned guitar. She first sang in her school singing group.

As a part of learning in abroad program, she worked in Trinidad to complete her articles at a diploma’s premises and also at the record label. Rachel during her internship sang Backup for a friend’s band in front of more than 85,000 people.

Personal Life

Rachel Platten started dating Kevin Lazan in the year 2006. They met in a show where she was performing. Kevin is only known to the public because of his relationship with Rachel. Rachel has fallen for Lazan because of his similar interest in music. After a lot of meeting they decided to get married, and in the year 2010, they finally got married in a Jewish Ceremony. Rachel in an interview said that “Lazan is a very kind person, he is a music lover and an amazing movie-quoter, something I like so much in him”.

Career, Awards, and Nominations

Rachel’s career in music started during her college days when she first sang during her internship. She released her first studio album “Trust in Me” in the year 2003. She continued releasing albums until the year 2011. Her single hit named “1000 ships was on 24 in the top 40 list released by US Billboard Adult Top 40 Chart. By that time, she was playing at several radio stations as well.

In the year 2015, her song “Fight Song” form Wildfire album has made her a superstar. This song was used by several media companies and also used as an official anthem in the year 2016, by Hillary Clinton.

Net Worth and Earnings

Being a popular American based singer, Rachel Platten has a total net worth of $5 million. Her most of the earnings are from her work as a musician and singer. She has achieved this popularity after releasing the Fight song. This song also helped in increasing the money in her bank account.

Rachel Platten is a gorgeous and one of the sweetest singer in America. She has done so much hard work to enter in the music industry. Rachel has many twitter followers and more than 1 million subscribers on her YouTube channel. Currently, she has appeared in American Idol for “Top 24 Celebrity Duets”.