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Prince Royce Net Worth

Prince Royce Net Worh 2019

Geoffrey Royce Rojas is a well-known singer and writer from America. From an early age, Royce took a deep interest in music. He started experimenting with musical chords and poetry writing from his early teenage years. When he became 19-years-old, Royce had a manager. Let’s find out more about the total net worth of Prince Royce standing in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Prince Royce Net Worh 2019

Geoffrey Royce was born in the year 1989 in New York City. He grew up in a Dominican family. His father used to be a cab driver, and his mother was a salon worker. Royce took part in elementary school choirs as a kid. He participated in talent shows and started writing poems when he reached early teens. Soon, his poems turned into written songs in no time.

Personal Life

Royce Rojas started a romantic relationship with Emeraude Toubia in the year 2011. They also confirmed their involvement in the year 2016 publicly. They have reportedly engaged in the year 2017.

Career, Awards, & Nominations

The beginning years of Royce Rojas started with music partnership alongside Chusan or Jino. Royce later started making music with a long-time friend, Donzell Rodriguez. They both cracked a meeting with Atlantic Records in the year 2007. At 19, Royce had a manager, Hidalgo who instantly loved his demo music. His manager introduced Royce to Sergio Georgia and soon signed him after hearing out his demos.

In the year 2010, Royce released his first debut album. Hidalgo and Sergio produced the album for Royce. The album secured 15th position in Billboard charts. The song, “Stand By Me” became number one in the Tropical songs chart on US Billboard. His second album, “Corazon Sin Cara” became an instant hit and eventually became no 1 in the US Billboard. His album earned Royce a nomination in the Latin Grammy Awards in the year 2011.

Royce went on to win three awards in “Premio Lo Nuestro.” He became the best Male artist of the year. He also won the award, Solo artist of the year in award shows. Apart from this Royce has also collaborated with Daddy Yankee for his album, “Prestige.” In the year 2011, Royce toured with Enrique Iglesias and Pitbull.

Royce released his second studio album in the year 2012. This album had songs in both English and Spanish language. Royce was also featured as the Sexiest Man Alive on “People en Español’s.” He continued working on various albums and has recently released “Culpa al Corazón” in the year 2015. He has also embarked on tours with Pitbull in the year 2016 and has also taken part in live musical productions.

Net Worth & Earnings

Prince Royce Rojas has a total net worth of $16 million. All his earnings are a result of his arduous work on music. He has sold many copies of his albums which helped him in earning a good fortune. His earnings are also a result of tours with prominent artists.

Prince Royce Rojas is an exceptional musician and has achieved a lot of fame and fortune at a young age. Royce started his musical journey in early teens, and this led him to be a successful singer and songwriter today.


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