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Michelle Branch Net Worth

Michelle Branch Net Worth 2020

Michelle Branch is a renowned pop-rock musician who gained much popularity through one of her albums known as ‘The Spirit Room’ which also had a hit single known as ‘Everywhere.’ In addition to this, she has also been featured in several television shows and films as a musical celebrity. Today, let’s learn more about the career, biography, and the net worth of Michelle Branch in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Michelle Branch Net Worth 2020

Michelle Branch was born on 2nd July in the year 1983 in Phoenix, Arizona. She was born to her parents known as David together with Peggy Branch. She has two siblings known as David and Nicole, and they have mixed ancestry. Michelle Branch got much interest in music since her young childhood through which she commenced learning on music at the young age while she was at the age of 8 years old. She has gifted a guitar on her 14th birthday through which while learning she began composing songs. She then went to Red Rock High School on homeschooling so as to concentrate on her career.

Personal Life

Michelle Branch tied knots with Teddy Landau who is a bass player in the year 2004 with whom they have one daughter who is known as Owen.

Career, Awards & Nominations

In the year 2001, Branch was signed by the Maverick Records on a recording deal where she worked together with John Shanks. She then released a debut album known as ‘The Spirit Room’ which was a success following its single known as ‘Everywhere’ together with ‘Goodbye to You,’ and ‘All You Wanted.’ Later she collaborated with Justincase with whom they released several songs on one of his album in the year 2002. After this, she then joined together with some other songwriters and musicians such as Santana, Gregg and Rock Nowels in releasing a song known as ‘The Game of Love’ in the year 2002.

She then released her second album known as ‘Hotel Paper’ in the year 2003 which was also a great success. Due to her popularity in music she commenced being featured in television through which she has made an appearance in several television shows and films. Shows she has been featured include; Faking the Video of the MTV in 2004 among other shows. She also released her third album known as Stand Still, Look Pretty in the year 2006 which she had collaborated with Jessica Harp and she is currently working on an album together with Martin Terefe. Following her legacy in her career, she has won several awards such as the MTV Video Music Awards Viewers.

Net Worth & Earnings

Michelle Branch has an estimated net worth of $18 million. This comes from the fortune she has had in her successful career. Much of her earnings come from the sales she has made on her albums which she has released which have become a great success. Most of her albums have become a great hit through some of the several single hits increasing their sales. In addition to this, she has also been featured in several shows earning her more.

Michelle Branch got much exposure in music at a very young age which as a result, developed her interest in music. She received much support from her parents, and currently, she is enjoying the fruits of her passion.