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Mariah Carey Net Worth

Mariah Carey Net Worth 2020

She is a singing bird, a diva, stage performer and an actress. Her songs have been heralding her fans for the past three decades. She is one of the leading faces in the music industry and has given hits like “Music Box”. She is as sweet as cuckoo and a voice range unmatchable. She is Mariah Carey. If her voice soothes and her beauty attracts you, then try giving a read to the net worth and biography of Mariah Carey in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Mariah Carey Net Worth 2020

Mariah Carey was born in the year 1970 on the 27th of March in Huntington, New York. Her parents were Patricia and Alfred Roy Carey. She was enrolled in Harborfields High School located in Greenlawn, New York. Mariah’s mother Patricia, being a singer, introduced her daughter to music. At a very early age, Mariah began writing poems and setting them to music and voice.

Personal Life

Mariah exchanged wedding vows with Tommy Mottola who was her boyfriend on 5th June 1993. The couple separated in 2000. She began dating Luis Miguel, but that didn’t work out. She married Nick Cannon later. She gave birth to twins and named them Monroe and Moroccan. She and Nick separated and then divorced in 2016. Mariah was briefly engaged to James Packer, but that failed too.

Apart from being a singer, she is a philanthropist as well. She has committed to the Fresh Air Fund.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

Mariah Carey signed a contract with Columbia Records and recorded her first studio album “Mariah Carey”. Her next album titled “Emotions” came out in 1991. The third album “Music Box” was loved by fans much to the critics’ dismay. She embarked on a short music tour after this success. Her next album “Butterfly” was received positively.

She did not renew her contract with Columbia and instead signed a new one with Virgin Records America in 2001. With Virgin, she hit the lowest in her career. The song “Glitter” did not prove to be a success. She later appeared on the silver screen as well with the film, “WiseGirls”. In recent years, she has worked on “Mariah’s World”. She later overcame her stage fear and started taking tours. She has recently decided to tour Oceania. Last year she was seen in “The Star”.

Mariah has witnessed much name and fame. She won the Grammy Best New Artist Award in 1991. She got her name etched on the “Hollywood Walk Of Fame”. She has also received the “Angels for Animals” honor as well.

Net Worth & Earning

As of 2020, Mariah Carey has amassed a net worth fortune of $550 million in a career spanning almost three decades. Her albums sell in millions like hot cakes. She signed the contract with Virgin Records for $100 million. She collected a cheque of $18 million as the judge on “American Idol”. She has been the fifth richest woman in entertainment. She has also endorsed popular brands. The first one was for “Intel Centrino”. She got $50 million from James Packer when their engagement ended. She owns a collection of clothes, jewelry and fragrance. A single on-stage performance gets her something over $2 – $5 million.

Mariah Carey’s life and career have been both a fantastic roller coaster ride. When she was at the peak of her professional life, she sang a song which was not well received neither by fans nor by critics, and she hit the bottom of her success, and the media did not delay in writing an obituary for her career. However, she held faith in herself and made a comeback becoming the fifth wealthiest recording artist in the business. Her fans often call her “Song Bird Supreme” lovingly.


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