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Kid Rock Net Worth

Kid Rock Net Worth 2020

Music is an integral part of our everyday life, and without music, life tends to be boring. Therefore, the people never miss appreciating all the musicians who have made music more significant and better. When talking of great musicians, Kid Rock is an icon to reckon with when it comes to music. Who is Kid Rock? Kid Rock who is officially known as Robert James Ritchie is a famous American singer, rapper, songwriter, activist, actor and record producer. He sings rock music, country music, and hip-hop music. This article will come into details about the life of this music celebrity. It will also unveil the net worth of Kid Rock in 2020. Read on!

Early Life & Biography

Kid Rock Net Worth 2020

Kid Rock born as Robert James Ritchie came into this world in 1971, 17th January. His birthplace was Romeo, Michigan in the United States of America. His mother and father are Susan Ritchie and William Ritchie, respectively. William worked as a car dealer and owns an estate with an area of up to six acres. Ritchie was raised in the estate. During his early life, Kid Rock often helped his parents to take care of their horses and pick apples. Kid Rock grew up alongside his sister, Jill Ritchie who is also popular in the American flashlights.

In the 1980s, Kid Rock started showing interest in the hip-hop music. He even began teaching himself how to breakdance and rap. Rock acted as a DJ in multiple local talent showcases. Even though Kid Rock is a self-taught artist, he can surprisingly play all the musical instruments.

Personal Life

In Kid’s eighth grade, he started dating his classmate, Kelley South Russell. The two had an on-and-off romantic relationship. In 1993, Kelly gave birth to their first son called Robert James Ritchie Jr. The two started leaving together with their by then three children. However, Kid Rock found out one of the children was not biologically his own.

That led to friction between the couple which eventually led to their separation. Since 1993, Rock became a single father to his eldest son. Kid Rock has faced legal problems due to alcohol-related sagas. In 2001, Ritchie started a romantic relationship with Pamela Anderson. The couple tied the knot in the late 2006 and separated in the same year. Kid is a grandfather to a lovely baby boy.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Kid Rock started off his music career as a member of the Best Crew hip-hop group. In 1989, Rock became a partner in the Top Dog production company. Rock made a deal with Jive Records when he was seventeen years old.

His first album was Grits Sandwiches for Breakfast which made his popularity and net worth overgrow thanks to its success. In 1992, he made a deal with Continuum Records. He then made, The Polyfuze Method album under the record. The album was a big hit and made him one of the successful rappers in the world. Kid Rock continues to make great music up to date with his excellent talent.

Net Worth & Earnings

Kid Rock has a net worth of $90 million. Rock has amassed this net worth from his over twenty years music explain. Kid has released hit singles and albums. As a result of that, his popularity and net worth keep increasing as the years pass by.

Kid Rock has had a successful music career. That is thanks to his talent, focus and most importantly his determination. All these virtues have played a great deal to his current successes. Kid Rock is a promising music artist who is destined for greatness.


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