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Kevin Skinner Net Worth

Kevin Skinner Net Worth 2020

Ever watched America’s Got Talent Show? Then, Kevin Skinner is a familiar man. Patrick Kevin Skinner is a Kentucky country music artist. He is popularly known for winning season four of famous America’s Got Talent. Kevin has been active in this music industry for the last nine years. This article will explain his early life, career, awards as well as nominations. Additionally, it will also unveil the net worth of Kevin Skinner in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Kevin Skinner Net Worth 2020

Patrick Kevin Skinner was born in 1974, 25th February. His place of birth was McCracken County, Kentucky. He was from the Dublin community. Patrick is the son of a country song artist called Joe Skinner. Kevin started guitar playing when he was only 12 years old. His father was a big fan of Hank Williams, a famous musician. Kevin’s most significant musical influence was his dad who taught him how to play music. Since then, Skinner started singing, writing music and playing the guitar. Kevin was raised together with his elder brother.

Personal Life

Kevin Skinner was in a romantic relationship with Kristen Skinner. The two got married later and were blessed with two lovely kids. After winning America’s Got Talent season four, the two went separate ways. They later finalized their divorce after several months. Rumours have spread about Kevin’s mental problems and his inability to face his audience. However, Kevin never responded to these allegations. At one point, he publicly claimed he always feels a bit nervous while performing but he adores his music work.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Kevin Skinner music career kicked off when he was only 12 years. This was after he learned how to play the guitar. Since then he wrote many country songs. In 2009, Skinner auditioned for a famous American show, America’s Got Talent. His first performance attracted many people who made him fan favorite star. Due to the public support and his talent, Kevin won the competition and became season four winner.

He received a $1 million price which was to be given in instalments. That is $25,000 every year. The other part of the prize was support for his show in Las Vegas. That was a breakthrough for his music career. In 2010, he released his album online, Long Ride under the Cypress Tree Label. His fans highly appreciated it. Kevin Skinner is a big fan of charity work.

Net Worth & Earnings

Kevin Skinner net worth is $1.5 million. This net worth has been amassed from his music album and different live performances. His most significant source of wealth is the America’s Got Talent Show Season four where he won a grand prize of one million dollars. Patrick Kevin Skinner is a promising music artist who is destined for greatness.

The people around you at some point play a prominent role in the path you decide to follow in life. Kevin lived with his dad who was a country music artist. His father Joe became his greatest inspiration. After his win in America’s Got Talent Show, Kevin publicly claimed that he knew he was a winner just because his dad was around to cheer him up.