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Katharine McPhee Net Worth

Katharine McPhee Net Worth 2020

An actress, singer and a songwriter Katharine Hope McPhee is a name known to millions of people in America and around the world especially after she acquired the position of a runner-up in the fifth season of American Idol. She was a fresh voice in the industry, and her first debut album with RCA records was successful both aesthetically and commercially. Even her second album was a big hit.

Apart from music, Katharine also appeared in different television shows like Smash in NBC, and Scorpion in CBS. There are a lot of things to talk about this young person and for that let us take you through the early life, career, awards achievements and net worth of Katharine McPhee in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Katharine McPhee Net Worth 2020

Katharine was born on 25th March 1984 in Los Angeles. Daniel McPhee a television producer; was Katharine’s father and her mother was a vocal coach in American Idol. In the initial years McPhee attended Notre Dame High School, and since then she was involved in school plays and musical sessions. Katharine attended Boston Conservatory with musical theatre but left it in the mid-way for pursuing a career in television shows. But Katharine from the very beginning had a natural flair for music, and her family tried to make her pursue it.

Personal Life

McPhee had multiple relationships in the past, and even today she is dating David Foster. In 2008 she got married to Nick Cokas, but after a few years, the relationship ended in divorce. After this, she pursued Elyes Gabel her co-star in film Scorpion for almost two years. Recently the news says that she is dating David Foster.

Career, Awards & Nominations

From the very beginning, McPhee had an interest in music, and her first break was in American Idol. In 2005 her parents and husband Nick persuaded her to participate in a reality show, and by God’s grace, she acquired the position of a runner-up in the competition. With the tag of being the runner-up, she got more opportunities and soon launched her first album. The songs in the album had a new flavour, and in due course of time, it acquired the second position in the Billboard chart.

After this, she released various other albums which were even loved by the fans. Mc Phee was getting popular in the music fraternity, and soon another window opened for her. Acting in movies came as a new challenge for this rockstar. In the year 2012, she got to play the role of Karen Cartwright in an NBC series Smash. Later she was seen in various other shows like Scorpion etc. Films are also a part of Kathrine’s career like Shark Night, The House Bunny and there are a few more.

Katharine McPhee is not only a celebrity, but a real artist who won several awards like Foxx Reality Awards, Women’s image network Awards and there are many more.

Net Worth & Earnings

She is an actor in some of the famous American television series and with that a musician too, and her net worth is more than $10 million. Another interesting fact about her career is that she gets paid around $40 thousand on each episode on television. There are a very few rising stars who get such an enormous amount.

It is seldom to find a star who is so well established in the world of music as well as in films. McPhee started her career with music and later became a part of cinema and reached new heights. At this age, McPhee has achieved a lot, and there are more left to do.