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Chaka Khan Net Worth

Chaka Khan Net Worth 2020

Music is one of the careers that have transformed people’s lives through the earnings they get from the same. One such person who has invested in music as a career is Chaka Khan. Chaka was popularly known as ‘Queen of Funk’ and she is an American recording artist, an entrepreneur and a vocalist who sings with charisma. To know more about the net worth of Chaka Khan in 2020 read the following article.

Early Life & Biography:

Chaka Khan Net Worth 2020

Chaka was born on 23rd March 1953 in Chicago Illinois. Her birth name was Yvette Marie Stevens. Her father was called Charles Stevens who was a beatnik, and her mother was Sandra Coleman. She was born with five siblings who are; Yvonne, Zaheva, and Tammy were her sisters with Mark being her only brother. Her interest in music was contributed by her grandmother who introduced her to jazz music while she was young.

Being raised up in Hyde Park Island, she attended Calumet and Kenwood High Schools for her formal education. In the late sixties her stepmother Connie introduced her to local movement. She also joined the Black Panther Party. At eleven years she started a small singing group with her sister where she could perform. In 1972 she could play a local band.

Personal Life:

Chaka got married to Hassan Khan in 1970 when she was aged seventeen years. They brought forth two children Indira Milini a baby girl and Damien Holland a baby boy. Unfortunately, their marriage did not work out and they divorced after a few years. Chaka got into another relationship with Rahsaan Morris, but their relationship did not lead to marriage as they broke up after a short time.

In 1976 Chaka got married to her second husband Richard Holland who was an art director and a designer. They had a son with him, however, just as her first marriage, this one didn’t work out too and they divorced in 1980. In the same year, rumors went out that Chaka was dating a Chicago teacher but it was never confirmed. After sometime, she got into her third marriage when she got married to Douglas Rasheed. Chaka owns restaurants and brands of vodka.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

Chaka debuted her first album with ABC in 1973. Later they released the song Tell Me Something Good which became a hit song. She was the frontwoman of the Funk Band Rufus. In 1978 she decided to do solo productions and she signed a contract with Warner Bros. Her first album I’m Every Woman did so well in the market. Since then she has released other records that have been a success. She has also done collaborations with other vocalists.

She has been a Grammy Award Winner for more than ten times. She has also won BET Centric and Soul Train Music award.

Net Worth & Earnings

Chaka earns a vast amount of money from her career as a musician and an entrepreneur. Her albums are highly demanded across the globe hence making earnings out of their sales. She also earns from her investments (the chain of restaurants and the vodka brands). The awards she has won have significantly added to her wealth. Cumulatively Chaka Khan’s wealth is estimated to be more than $35 million.

Exposure is one of the best things that may drive a person to realize his or her talents. Chaka’s grandmother contributed significantly to her realization of who she was in the music industry. She introduced her to jazz music at a tender age and partly shaped who she is today. Despite being a musician, Chaka has invested in other fields. She has successful investments in restaurants and vodka brands.


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