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Anita Baker Net Worth

Anita Baker Net Worth 2020

Anita Baker is the excellent American songwriter-singer. She is renowned for her single “Sweet Love” which won the Grammy Award. Enchanting beauty with a melodious voice is a deadly combination for a musician for the music itself is a tantalising art. The 1980s saw the quiet storm period of contemporary R&B, and in this era, Anita Baker made her mark in history by reaching her prime in popularity and glory. Her soulful romantic ballads touched the hearts of the audience. To know more about life, career, achievements and net worth of Anita Baker in 2020, keep scrolling down the article.

Early Life & Biography

Anita Baker Net Worth 2020

Anita Denise Baker is her birth name and was born in 1958 on the 26th of January. She was born in Toledo, Ohio but unfortunately, her mother abandoned her when she was only two years old. She was taken up by a foster family and raised in Detroit of Michigan. But fate played her turn again, and her parents passed away when she was 12 leaving her with her foster sisters.

When she was 16-years-old, the singer started performing at the nightclubs of Detroit as an R&B singer. Luckily a talent like her was discovered by Chapter 8’s bandleader David Washington who invited her to audition for the band. She started working with the group from 1975. Her circumstances didn’t allow her even to attend school and thus this side remained unlit.

Personal Life

Baker’s view of the private life talks a lot about her as a person. She has always been dedicated to one man in her life, Walter Bridgeforth Jr. whom she married in 1988’s December. They had two sons Walter and Edward. After 20 years of marriage they had to part ways for some unfortunate reason, and so they divorced in 2008. She is currently residing at Grosse Point in Michigan.

Career, Awards & Nominations

After leaving Chapter 8 band, she chose to improve her singing skills on her own. Finally, the new improved Baker came out with her new debut solo album named “The Songstress”. It sent shockwaves to the music field as it was a super hit. She was a public voice then. But her success was not without difficulties. She got tangled in a legal issue regarding this record though she successfully wins over the problem by winning a case in 1985. That year she signed with the Elektra Records Label and with them released her second album named “Rapture” in the year 1986 which included ‘Sweet Love’, the Grammy-winning song, following her third album “Giving You the Best I Got”. She went on with her hit releases. Till date, there are nine albums of her among which five were chosen for the platinum title. She achieved 8 Grammy Awards, 4 Soul Train Music and 2 American Music Awards.

Net Worth & Earnings

Her dedication towards the music career made her earn a net worth of $90 million. In spite of being not that active at present, she has such huge net worth.

Definition of dedication should be learned from Baker. She won over her difficult circumstances and stood in her position today all because of her complete commitment in music.


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