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Andy Grammer Net Worth

Andy Grammer Net Worth 2020

Music is a broad field that can never be filled. It is made up of both young and old, trained and untrained as well as experts and amateurs. All these people meet in the music field but how successful one will be is mainly dependent on their commitment and passion for their career. One of the most passionate singers is Andy Grammer. Let’s read more to learn the net worth of Andy Grammer in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Andy Grammer Net Worth 2020

Andy Grammer was born Andrew Charles Grammer on 3rd December 1983 in Los Angeles. He is the son of Willoughby and Robert Crane “Red” Grammer who was a recording artist. He is of English and German descent. Andy was brought up in Chester, New York and graduated from Monroe-Woodbury High School. He learnt to play different musical instruments as a child. The first instrument was the trumpet, followed by guitar and later piano and begun writing songs at 15 years of age.

At 20 years, he left Binghamton University located in Vestal, New York after he failed in an audition for the Binghamton Crosbys a cappella and returned to Los Angeles. He joined California State University, Northridge and graduated with a B.A in music.

Personal Life

Although Andy Grammer has tried to keep his personal life very private, it is however clear that he is a married man. He met Aijia who is a recording artist and they both dated for sometime before they decided to settle together as a husband and wife in 2012. The couple is still happily married but it is not clear whether they have children yet.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Grammer’s career debut was on the Third Street Promade where he started as a busker. After performing in Santa Monica, he went ahead to performing in the Viper Room. In 2010 April, he signed with label S-Curve Records. He also went ahead and started releasing singles some of which include: Fresh Eyes, Honey, Keep Your Head Up, Honey, Fine By Me, Stepping Stone, Firefiles, Couple More Slleves and The Pocket among many others.

Andy’s biggest single was released in November 2014 and was titled “Honey, I’m Good and has remained his best release to date. After the release of this album, he became even more popular and was motivated to release a few more albums including; Magazines or Novels album, Good to Be Alive among others.

Net Worth & Earnings

Although Andy has not been in the music industry for long compared to many other musicians, he has managed to attract many fans which has led to his increased net worth which is currently estimated to be at $6.5 million. His love for music is what has brought him to where he is today as he has no other known source of income other than music.

Life is all about passion and getting the right people to guide you through your career. As for Andy, he attributes his success in the music industry to three genres of music which are; Guitar Players like John Mayer and Jason Mraz, modern pianist like The Fray and Coldplay and finally hip-hop vocalists like Lauryn Hill and Jay-Z.


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