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Aaron Carter Net Worth

Aaron Carter Net Worth 2020

Famous American singer, Aaron Charles Carter came into recognition with pop songs and then hip-hop songs. In the first years of 21st century, he was able to make a place in the hearts of teenagers with his four studio albums. He started making guest appearances on Nickelodeon channel and also toured with Backstreet Boys. Most of the songs released by him are big hits, and you can check net worth of Aaron Carter in 2020 in this article.

Early Life & Biography

Aaron Carter Net Worth 2020

He was born on 7th December in the year 1987 in Tampa, Florida at Tampa General Hospital. His parents are Jane Elizabeth and Robert Gene Carter. His older brother belongs to the boy band Backstreet Boys. He also has three sisters among which two are twins. Name of Carter is after his paternal grandfather.

Personal Life

On 21st February in the year 2008, he was arrested in Kimble County, Texas. He was finding with speeding his car and there were two ounces of marijuana was also present in his car. In the year 2013, he filed a bankruptcy petition in order to shed around $3.5 million in debt. He settled all of his tax debt in the year 2014. On 15th July, he was arrested in Georgia for suspicion of driving under the influence of drugs.

On 5th August 2017, it came to be known that he is bisexual but then he refused to accept this and said that he wants to have a woman and kids as his family. He was found malnourished at a time when his weight was around 52 kg only and at that time he was advised to move to drug rehabilitation program. His father died in May 2017 and then he went into depression while his girlfriend also had a breakup with him. On February 2018, he coped with his problems and his weight was 75.5 kg.

Career, Awards & Nominations

He started singing songs just at the age of seven in a local band in Tampa. Aaron left the band after two years and got interested in Pop. He made his first solo appearance in the singing cover of The Jets. In the year 1997, when he was just ten years old, he released his self-titled debut album of which millions of copies were sold worldwide. Aaron’s second album was also a big hit as it sold three million copies in the United States only. His recent studio album was released on 16th February in the year 2018.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Aaron Carter is around -$1 million as he got bankrupt in the year 2013 and filed for it in the state of Florida. He listed that his liabilities are more than $2.2 million and he has got assets for just $8232. Now, he is living with his relatives and claims that his most valuable assets are his television, Mac book computers, and his watch. Though he worked hard from his childhood he was not able to manage his financial conditions and got bankrupt soon.

Aaron Carter is a name which can be remembered by every person who used to listen to songs in his childhood as his songs were released when he was also a child. He became famous among children and teenagers for his songs and voice. He started singing pop songs but then he changed to the hip-hop genre and became more famous. His first debut album was a big hit which was released when he was a little child and from then he gave back to back hit songs and singles. He also toured with the band in different parts of the world.