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Yelawolf Net Worth

Yelawolf Net Worth 2020

An American rapper who began his career at a very young age, Yelawolf has released many albums in his career. He has successfully collaborated with other artists to release music. He was previously signed to the record label called “Shady Records” of Eminem. He has also released many mixtapes and singles. Let’s find out how much is the net worth of Yelawolf in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Yelawolf Net Worth 2020

The real name of Yelawolf is Michael Wayne Atha. He was born in 1979, in the city of Gadsden, Alabama. He is the son of Sheila, who gave birth to the rapper when she was only 15. He claims that his mother was a “rockstar”. He is of White American and Cherokee descent. He has moved to many places during his childhood but spent most of the early days in Tennessee’s Antioch.

In Nashville, Yelawolf went to Carter Lawrence Elementary School. It was in there, he started taking interest in hip-hop music. He then decided to have a career in hip-hop music. In 2005, he was seen in the reality series called ‘The Road to Stardom with Missy Elliott’. The show came as an opportunity for him and he soon went on to grab a contract.

Personal Life

Coming to the personal profile of Yelawolf, he got engaged to Fefe Dobson, who is a recording artist in 2013. However, the couple got separated in 2016. The rapper was previously married to Sonora Rosario, with whom he has got three children. He is an avid fan of Johnny Cash. He was previously a skateboarder. Yelawolf is known with the nicknames of “Wayne” and “Catfish Billy”. He was influenced to music by Kid Rock.

Career, Award & Nominations

In 2005, Yelawolf released an independent album called ‘CreekWater’. In 2011, he came up with the album, ‘Radioactive’. This was released on Shady and Interscope Records and peaked at #4 of the U.S. Rap charts. In 2015, he released his third studio album ‘Love Story’. This became a number one album at the U.S. R&B/Hip-Hop charts. His fourth studio album called ‘Trial by Fire’ was released in October 2017.

He has also released the compilation album called ‘Shady XV’. In addition to this, he has released the EPs, ‘Arena Rap’, ‘Trunk Muzik 0-60’, ‘The Slumdon Bridge’ with Ed Sheeran, and ‘Psycho White’ with Travis Barker. In addition to this, Yelawolf has released many mixtapes like ‘Hotel’, ‘Black Fall’, ‘Trunk Muzik Returns’, ‘Heart of Dixie’, ‘Trunk Muzik’, ‘Stereo’, ‘Ball of Flames’, and “Pissin’ in a Barrel of Beez’.

Yelawolf has also released many hit singles like “Daddy’s Lambo”, “Let’s Roll”, “Till It’s Gone”, “Row Your Boat”, “Out of Control”, “Best Friend”, “Whiskey in a Bottle”, and Box Chevy V”. He has performed as a featured artist in the songs “Cuz I’m Famous”, “Let’s Go”, “Worldwide Choppers”, and “I Run”. He has also made guest appearances for artists like Bizarre, Paul Wall, Eminem, Gucci Mane, Juicy J, and many others.

Net Worth & Earnings

What do you think will be the net worth of an artist who has released music with many other artists? Apart from releasing albums as a solo artist, he has also released albums for ‘Slumerican’. Their albums include, ‘Year of the Six’, Hotel’ and ‘The Bubba Mathis’. The rapper has gone on to accumulate a net worth of over $5 million. He has got his own record label called “Slumerican”.

Yelawolf found considerable success after appearing on the reality series. He soon went on to release a number of albums and has also worked with other artists. Today he is a very popular name in the entertainment world and has got many fans.


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