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WolfieRaps Net Worth

WolfieRaps Net Worth 2020

If rap music is your thing, WolfieRaps must be a familiar name to you. WolfieRaps is a famous Rapper on YouTube whose popularity is growing by day due to the comedic aspect in their raps. Although he is a young and upcoming YouTube rapper, he has earned a great following.

To know more about the net worth of WolfieRaps in 2020, read the following article.

Early Life and Biography

WolfieRaps Net Worth 2020

WolfieRaps was born on 15th June 1993. WolflieRaps finds his roots from Ottawa Canada where he was born and brought up in his early age. He resides in Ottawa city of Canada to date. WolfieRap is a Christian as both of his parents are Christians. His father is known as Chris Raynor and is an orthopedic surgeon by occupation.

Although WolfieRaps’ dad is a medic by profession, he is an open-minded person and he has clearly proven this by the great support he gives to his son. As a way of showing his support to his son’s ambition, he has appeared in a number of his prank videos. His mom Mady Raynor who is in the Fitness Industry also supports his son and has been featured in a number of his videos too. WolfieRaps’s siblings whose names have not been revealed are also a great source of support to his ambitions.

Personal Life

Although WolfieRaps loves his fans and loves keeping in touch with them, he, on the other hand, loves keeping his personal life very private. Although he has revealed some information about his parents, he has kept the lives of his siblings very and his own love life very private.

There has not been much information about his love life. However, it was recently revealed that he has been in an intimate relationship with another Vlogger and YouTube celebrity known as Sylvia Gani who also lives in Canada.

Career, Awards, and Nominations

WolfieRaps is basically an entertainment rapper who is popularly known for his paradoxes, pranks and other funny YouTube challenges. Although he started making the YouTube videos in 2012, his official channel known as WolfieEnt was officially opened in 2013. He got his nickname ‘WolfieRaps’ from his sister’s cat ‘Wolf’.

His passion for video making started when he was in high and some of the videos he made while in High school include; The Squids, DemHood Niggas, Thosechoobz, and CeeRayzTV. Although WolfieRaps has not received any awards yet, his popularity is growing at a very high rate and his videos have currently received over 30 million views.

Net Worth and Earnings

The net worth of WolfieRaps is currently estimated to be $2.5 million. This net worth has however not been officially stated as investigations are still ongoing to come up with the actual amount. According to a report recently released by sociablade.com, WolfieRaps earns about 1.6 million dollars per year for subscribers and viewership of his channel.

An act that was born of passion has finally become a career for this young entertainer. In less than five years, WolfieRaps’ private YouTube Channel has received close to 900,000 subscribers and the number is still growing. According to WolfieRaps, life is made of what you believe in.


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