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Vic Mensa Net Worth

Vic Mensa Net Worth 2020

Vic Mensa is a successful and an established rapper who has put forth his rapping talent in a power impact way which has lured the global audiences to a great extent. In addition to this, Vic Mensa has profoundly exhibited his talent also as a songwriter and a record producer to bring out the best kind of music of all time. Let us find out the net worth of Vic Mensa in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Vic Mensa Net Worth 2020

On 6 June 1993, Vic Mensa was born in Illinois in the United States, and thus he was born with American nationality. Originally, Vic Mensa was born with the birth name as ‘Victor Kwesi Mensah’. Vic Mensa belongs to a mixed ethnicity as he is half Ghanaian and half White American. Vic Mensa was born to father ‘Edward Mensah’ and mother ‘Betsy Mensah’.

Both of his parents are educators by profession. Mensa did his schooling from the ‘Whitney M. Young Magnet High School’. As a child, Mensa was an expert in the martial art where he attended the classes with total enthusiasm.

Personal Life

It was sometimes in the news that Vic Mensa might be dating a girl named ‘Natalie Wright’. Other than this, there is no information revealed regarding his personal life story to date.

Career, Awards & Achievements

In the year 2009, Mensa gave a kick-start to his professional career where he launched his own independent hip-hop group as ‘Kids These Days’. Significantly, with this, he has launched two other popular projects such as the ‘Traphouse Rock’ and the other one is the ‘Hard Times EP’. In the year 2013, the entire group went discontinued due to some indifference among the team members.

In the same year, Mensa came up with his new launch as ‘SAVEMONEY’. Following this, Mensa has also performed associate acts with various popular artists and bands such as ‘Joey Purp’, ‘Ty Dolla’, ‘Kanye West’, and many others. Over the past years, Mensa has sold over more than 16,000 copies with a record-breaking result.

In the year 2015, Vic Mensa has been nominated for the ‘MTVU Woodie Award’ for the category of ‘Best Video Woodie’. In the year 2016, has been nominated for the ‘58th Grammy Award’ for the category of ‘Best Rap Music’.

Net Worth & Earnings

Vic Mensa is quite a successful rapper at the age of only 25 where he has received enormous fortune and net income for his high popularity and recognition on a global scale. On the other hand, Mensa owns a huge property in the United States of America which he had made possible through the earning of album sales and royalties. The total estimated net worth of Vic Mensa is about $2.5 million approximately.

Vic Mensa is an expert with the hip-hop genre of music where he has composed music of his kind with positive reviews and feedback. Mensa has worked under the label record such as ‘Virgin EMI’, ‘Capitol’, ‘Roc Nation’, and many others. At the age of only 25, Vice Mensa has become a stage performer with his rapping style and techniques in a remarkable manner.


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