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Slim Jesus Net Worth

Slim Jesus Net Worth 2020

Slim Jesus is the stage name of Eastern Philips who is a famous American modern rapper. Slim Jesus has a special style of rapping that draws several audiences who are music lovers. Slim Jesus is most well-known for his drill rapping technique is prominent in his released songs namely Buck Buck’ and ‘Drill Time.’ Continue reading to find the net worth of Slim Jesus as of 2019.

Early Life & Biography

Slim Jesus Net Worth 2020

Eastern Philips was born on 10th April 1997, in Hamilton, Ohio, the USA. His mother, Irene Brown Eastern worked as an artist in the entertainment industry. He grew up in his hometown, Hamilton, Ohio. Eastern Philips was brought up single-handed by his mother. As a result, Eastern Phillips had to take lots of life’s responsibility from an early age. It was during his childhood when Eastern Phillips got interested in music. Eastern Philips studied at Hamilton school. However, the school closed down, and that ended his education. Since Eastern Philips maintains a private and personal life, very little is known about him.

Personal Life

After Slim Jesus left the underground rap scene, he continued his rapping career as Slim Jesus. He is followed on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Slim Jesus used the Instagram account to post his own photographs that draw over 100,000 followers. Slim Jesus uses his Twitter account to publish his professional music career that is followed by 35,000 of his loyal fans.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Since his childhood, Eastern Philips was interested in music. At the age of 12, Eastern Phillips chose to become a professional rapper. Soon, Slim Jesus posted his music and rap online using mostly YouTube to reach his admirers. However, he did not get much attention till he released his song, ‘Drill Time

In 2015, he commenced his professional life by releasing his first song. Already, Eastern Philips was a member of the underground rap as ‘Swag Jesus’. Later this nickname was modified to ‘Slim Jesus’. In August 2015, Slim Jesus released his first song called ‘Drill Time.’ At the same time, he posted the music video on his YouTube channel. Both the song and video made Slim Jesus popular and famous. Other contemporary rappers like Ben Sommers and Lil Master and others encouraged his talent. The same year in September, Slim Jesus released ‘Buck Buck.’

After making a name, Slim Jesus toured across the USA and Canada. In 2016, Slim Jesus released his first studio album, ‘Gangsta.’ Following, he released two full-length releases, ‘22 Savage’ and ‘The Most Hated.’

Slim Jesus began his musical career (2015). Slim Jesus has released 3-studio albums, more than 20 songs. He is particularly famous for ‘Drill Time,’ ‘Drum Roll,’ ‘Having My Way,’ ‘Let’s All Get Money,’ ‘Warning Shots’, and ‘Buck Buck.’

Slim Jesus, the most renowned rapper from Ohio uses YouTube to gain popularity. He shares his music videos using various social media platforms. Slim Jesus used the latest technologies to get the tech-savvy audiences over the internet. Hence, instead of using traditional methods, Slim Jesus used the available latest technologies to rise to fame.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Slim Jesus is $500 thousand. Most of his wealth comes from his earnings in music videos and albums. Slim Jesus has made a name for himself that has helped in selling his popular songs. Slim Jesus successfully released his single ‘Drill time’ that was a super hit. Also, this track has 10 million plays on SoundCloud and several views on YouTube.

As stated, Eastern Phillips maintains his private and personal life away from the public. Yet, Slim Jesus posts his professional musical life in social media like the Twitter. His account confirms that he is still single and concentrates on his profession as a rapper.


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