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RZA Net Worth

RZA Net Worth 2020

Robert Fitzgerald Diggs is a famous American musician, rapper, author, and actor. He is a famous person who has been able to work in the various music projects which made him famous among his fans all over the world. He has also released solo albums with Bobby Digital. If you are interested to know about life, biography and net worth of RZA in 2020, then you can read this article ahead.

Early Life & Biography

RZA Net Worth 2020

He was born on 5th July in the year 1969 in Brownsville. He used to live in North Carolina from the age of 3 to 7 with his uncle. His uncle encouraged him to study and read, but he was interested in hip-hop music. At the age of eleven, he started participating in competitions of rap battles. He shifted to Steubenville in the year 1990 to spend time with his mother at home. He also spent some time with his father in Pittsburgh.

Personal Life

When he was asked about children, he told that he has got children at his home with which he signaled to his domestic problems. He is mostly seen wearing his 5% nation flag necklace. He has also written two books in which he has described various aspects of different religions. He loves to watch martial art movies, and he is also considered as an encyclopedia because he has huge knowledge gearing the martial arts movies. He also loves to play chess during his free time. Nothing is known about his wife and girlfriend.

Career, Awards & Nominations

In the year 1991, he formed a group with his cousins and gained local success. They never got the opportunity to sign a deal for recording songs. In the year 1991, he debuted as a solo artist. In the year 1992, he formed another group with his cousins and friends. The group was named as Wu-Tang Clan. They released their first single in the year 1992. In the year 1997, their group released the second album. In the year 2010, he worked on his own album, but the albums were not released. In the year 1990s, recording labels Wu-Tang Clan recording label was founded.

Not only he worked as a rapper, but he has also appeared in the films in which he played awesome roles. He has also starred and directed a movie in the year 2012. He has won many nominations, but he hasn’t been able to win any awards till now. His career hasn’t been ended yet, and that’s why he might be able to win many awards till now.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of RZA is around $20 million which he has earned by working as a rapper, actor, and producer. He has performed in various rap battles in which he has also won many times. He has given hit albums along with his group.

RZA is a famous rapper who started working as a rapper from an early age. He worked very hard to become successful. At first, he began a group with his cousins, but that didn’t work for a long time. Later on, he made another group with his cousins and five school friends. The group released back to back albums which let RZA and the other members gain huge recognition.

He has been able to become a millionaire by singing songs along with his group. He has not revealed anything about his girlfriend and wife. He is busy making his career success, and in some years, he is going to gain a lot of success and fame with numerous awards and recognition.


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