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Pouya Net Worth

Pouya Net Worth 2020

Pouya is a popular rapper from the USA who has released many hit singles. He is also known by the name of “Baby Bone”. He is very popular on the social media and has got many followers on various social media platforms. He rose to fame in 2013 along with fellow rapper Robb Bank$. Apart from singles, Pouya has also released two albums in his career. Here is a quick summary of net worth of Pouya in 2020, career and earnings.

Early Life & Biography

Pouya Net Worth 2020

Pouya’s real name is Kevin Pouya. He was born in Miami, Florida on 20 December 1994. He has never discussed his mother and his father’s name is also not known.

He went to Westland Hialeah High School but dropped out when he was in 10th grade to have a career in music. He is known as “Baby Bone” which is inspired by ‘Bone Thugs-n-Harmony’.

Pouya was previously in a relationship with Young Coco, who is a popular Instagram star. He himself has got more than 157,000 followers on Instagram, 222,000 followers on SoundCloud, and another 200,000 followers on Twitter.

Career, Awards & Nominations

After dropping out of high school, Pouya first released the single “Fuck It” in 2012. That same year, he released the single “Don’t Sleep On Me Hoe”. The following year, he came up with the single “Baby Bone”.

In 2015, he released the single called “Stunna”. The rapper then released the single entitled “Underground Underdog” in 2016. In 2018, he released “FIVE FIVE”.

He released the albums ‘Underground Underdog’ and ‘South Slide Slugs’ as a solo artist. He later became a member of Buffet Boys and released the album ‘FIVE FIVE’. He has also contributed to the album of Paul SG’s “Feel the Flow”.

Pouya has also collaborated with various other artists to release his music. He teamed with Sir Michael Rocks for ‘Gookin’, $uicideboy$ for ‘$outh $ide $uicide’, SDottBrady for ‘Warbucks’, Germ & Shake well for their EP and Fat Nick for ‘Drop Out of School’. Additionally, he has released the sample track “Get Buck”.

Awards & Achievements

Pouya is very young and talented. For now, he has not received any award or nomination. But the young rapper has all the potential to win an award in the near future. His greatest career achievement is to be a successful rapper and also to have many followers in the social media.

Net Worth & Earnings

The estimated net worth of Pouya is more than $500 thousand. He left his studies only to have a career in music. The young rapper made this net worth by releasing music both as a solo artist and as a member of Buffet Boys. He is still young and there can be a good increase in his bank balance in the near future. His career has just started and he has already tasted success.

Pouya is very young and talented. By releasing music with many rappers, he is establishing his presence in the music industry. He has got many fans and his songs can be found on SoundCloud.


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