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Pitbull Net Worth

Pitbull Net Worth 2020

Born as Armando Christian Perez, Pitbull is now a household name in not only America but also the whole world. That explains his other moniker which is Mr. Worldwide. Ever since his debut solo following by his first album called M. I.A. M.I. (2004), Pitbull has produced a lot of other hit singles and albums. He has also collaborated with other renowned musicians. Through his outstanding work, how much wealth has Pitbull amassed? You can find out by reading on. This piece unveils the early life, career and the net worth of Pitbull in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Pitbull Net Worth 2020

As mentioned earlier, the birth name of Pitbull is Armando Christian Perez. He was born to Armando Perez together with Alyssa Acosta. His date of birth was on 15th January in 1981. The place of birth was Miami in Florida. Perez was still a young boy when his mother and father parted ways. As a result, he grew up with his mother. Later, he started residing in a foster home. Its location was Roswell in Georgia. Despite that as well as growing alienated from his father, he turned out to be a great man.

As far as his education is concerned, Pitbull attended South Miami Senior High School. Then, he joined Miami Coral Park High School. That is where he finished his high school studies and graduated, eventually.

Personal Life

Pitbull is single. Nevertheless, he is a father of four and the children are from different mothers. Although there is little information regarding the women, one of them is known. She is Barbara Alba. Barbara is not only an ex-girlfriend but also a mother of two children of Pitbull.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Pitbull was still in high school when he began pursuing his rapping career. Julia Boothe signed Pitbull to Luke Records of Luke Campbell in 2001. An introduction to Robert Fernandez happened that same year. Once Fernandez saw his talent and potential, he started working with Pitbull. Then Fernandez introduced Pitbull to Lil Jon. That is how he ended up being featured in Lil Jon’s album, King of Drinks.

He released his debut album in 2004. Its name was M.I.A.M.I. Its hit singles included Cup, That’s Nasty, Toma, Back Up as well as Dammit Man. Since then, he has recorded many albums. They include Climate Change, Date, Globalization, Global Warming, Planet Pit, and Armando.

He has acted in films such as Blood Money, Epic as well as Uglydolls. For the television, he had appeared on Empire, Dancing with the Stars, Shark Tank and When I was 17 among others.

In addition to that, Pitbull voice acted in the video game Scarface: The World Is Yours. He was part of the Kodak’s campaign by the name So Kodak.

His work has earned him around 45 awards and 142 nominations. They include 8 MTV Video Music Awards, 6 MTV Europe Music Awards, 35 Billboard Latin Music Awards and a Grammy Award among others.

Net Worth & Earnings

The awaited segment of this article is finally here. Pitbull has an estimated net worth of more than $75 million. Pitbull’s primary source of income is his career as a rapper. Besides solo music, he has also collaborated with other major singers. Pitbull is one of the founders of Bad Boy Latino and is still the head up to date as well. In addition to that, he has endorsed a lot of brands such as Dr. Pepper, Kodak and Bud Light among others.

Pitbull is an award-winning rapper who has denied all odds to become a star. Growing up in a broken home and ending up staying in a foster home is too much for many people to bear. However, Pitbull triumphed despite that. He is an excellent source of inspiration. He teaches us that determination and hard work can earn you fame as well as wealth regardless of where you come from.


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