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Mike Stud Net Worth

Mike Stud Net Worth 2020

Mike Stud is the super sensational hip-hop American artist who became the new face of hip-hop music. Mike Stud is better known by his charismatic single ‘College Humor’ which got notable response and feedback from a wide range of audiences globally. Mike Stud is well-versed with the popular labels like ‘Atlantic Records’, ‘Electric Feel Music’, and lastly the ‘300 Entertainment’. This American rapper thus has established a successful and commendable career in the field of music and rapping. Let us find out the net worth of Mike Stud in 2020.

Early & Biography

Mike Stud Net Worth 2020

Mike Stud was born on 30 October 1988 in Rhode Island in the United States, and thus he was born with American nationality. Originally, Mike Stud was born with the birth name as ‘Michael Francis Seander’. Mike Stud was born to father ‘Michael Seander’ and mother ‘Mary Seander’. Mike Stud did his schooling from the ‘St Raphael Academy’.

In his school days, Mike Stud was a great sports player both baseball and basketball which has fetched him innumerable awards and medals for his playing spirit. Even Mike has won the athletic scholarship and has also been bestowed by the ‘2006 Gatorade Player of the Year’ award. Thus, significantly at a very early age, Mike Stud has made charismatic record-breaking scores against various teams.

Personal Life

Presently, Mike Stud is into a serious relationship with ‘Josie Canseco’.

Career, Awards & Achievements

Mike Stud got his first opportunity in music with the release of his first music video as ‘College Humor’ which significantly got a huge response from the global audiences.

Next, Stud launched his second music video ‘In This Life’.

Gradually, Mike Stud has over the time has released various mixtapes such as ‘A Toast to Tummy’, ‘This Isn’t The Album’, ‘Sunday Stud Tape’, and many others.

Mike Stud’s other released notable music albums were ‘These Days’, ‘Relief’, and lastly the ‘Closer’.

Mike Stud has remarkably made to the list on ‘Billboard 200’.

Next, Mike Stud got his third album listed in number 13 on the Billboard in the year 2014.

Net Worth & Earnings

The maestro of rapping sensation ‘Mike Stud’ has become famous for various mixtapes which got a notable response from the global audiences largely. The thematic styling and attributes of rapping have fetched him a very high net income which has led him to an extravagant living in the United States. Therefore, the total estimated net worth of Mike Stud is about $2 million approximately.

Apart from a sensational rapping star, Mike Stud has remarkably exhibited his talent in television by appearing on his own TV show as ‘This is Mike Stud’. This has significantly fetched him millions of viewers for his outstanding performance on the silver screen. In addition to this, Mike Stud has given associated acts with the popular music artists like Loggy, Hunter Huson’, ‘Huey Mack’, ‘Bea Miller’, ‘Conrad Sewell’, and various others. Thus, Mike Stud is a versatile and a very talented person who has acquired his success with utmost hard work and dedication extensively.