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Lord Jamar Net Worth

Lord Jamar Net Worth 2020

Lorenzo Dechalus a.k.a. Lord Jamar is an American Based rapper, Actor and Record producer. He is one of the Main Member in a hip-hop group called Brand Nubian, created by Jamar and his associates in the year 1989. He showed his guest appearance frequently on VladTV. He has created his popular image and got attention because of his various controversial comments on social issues like sexism, racism, etc. To know more about the estimated net worth of Lord Jamar in the year 2019, keep reading this article.

Early Life and Biography

Lord Jamar Net Worth 2020

Lord Jamar was born in The Bronx, New York on September 17, 1968. Details of his schools and college where he completed his studies are not available at any platform.

His music interest began during his school days. In college days, He started making his own songs/raps. He has performed at various programs in his college and outside.

After, this Jamar began to sing professionally and started getting music contracts on his own. He became famous after that with a large fan base.

Personal Life

Lord Jamar in his life, has always been in some controversies after every release of his tracks or by his comments on social issues. He got criticized after releasing these offensive name tracks “Lift up your skirt” and “Gay has no place in Hip-Hop”. He has created some more controversies for himself by saying, white rappers are guests in Hip-Hop.

He has been married to Dana Whitfield, who is a lawyer by profession. He met Dana during one of his concerts. After that, they started dating and got married finally.

Career, Awards, and Nominations

Jamar’s career got started after he became a member of Famous brand Nubian. Its album “One for All” got a big hit in the hip-hop series. So far, six albums have been released by this album.

Jamar had put his steps in the Acting line, and soon he got his best-known role of Supreme Allah on a TV series called OZ. He also acted in Special Victims Unit, Law and Order, third watch and The Sopranos. He has also done work of production and editing in one phase of his life.

Later he got roles in short films including “ Morning Breath”. Jamar’s Solo album got released “The 5% Album” in the year 2006.

Net worth and Earnings

Lord Jamar has a total estimated net worth of $2.5 million which is much less as compared to other popular rappers in America. His soundtracks of raps and acting in various shows and films has contributed 90 percent in building up this fortune. His other source of income is hidden from the public.

Lord Jamar is an American Based rapper known for his Great music sense, but always gets criticized because of his offensive and controversial comments on the social issues. His titles are very offensive too. Even after so many controversies, he has so many followers on social platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.


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