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Logic Net Worth

Logic Net Worth 2020

His name has nothing to do with what he is called. Of course, you can’t imagine a person named Sir Robert Hall II singing raps on a stage dimly lit by green and blue lights. Yes, that is what the real name of Logic is, who was formerly know by his stage name ‘Psychological’ and later chose only the ‘logic’ part of it. Apart from singing, Logic produces records and writes songs.

Keeping in view the sale of his albums and considering the fame he has gathered over these few years we won’t be wrong if we say that he is one of America’s rising stars in hip-hop. If you want to know what the net worth of Logic in 2020 is, this is the article for you. Also, we have some latest information about Logic down here:

Early Life & Biography:

Logic Net Worth 2020

Logic was born to a cocaine-addicted father and an alcoholic mother in the year 1990. Although he was born in Maryland, he has now moved to California. He dropped studies after he was expelled from high school due to his lousy performance; he could not pass any subject but English. He had a thing for music right from his early childhood. Although he is a hip-hop singer, he has always loved Frank Sinatra and is hugely influenced by him

Personal Life:

To devote all his time to producing music, Logic broke up with his girlfriend with whom he had been in a romantic relationship for five years. But six years after the break, in 2015, he married Jessica Andrea, whom he proposed in a photo booth, only to separate from her soon. He filed for divorce this year in April. Although Logic was a smoker, he gave up smoking in 2014 when his album “Under Pressure” came out.

Career, Awards, & Nominations:

Music was something that interested Logic right from his teenage years. He met his mentor Solomon Taylor at the age of 13. Logic began his singing career by releasing mixtapes. His first mixtape came out in December 2010 and was called “Young, Broke, and Infamous.” This mixtape opened opportunities for contracts with other groups like the Visionary Music Group.

His second mixtape called “Young Sinatra” came out in 2011. And only next year he released his next one, “Young Sinatra: Undeniable.” In 2013, he came out with “Welcome to Forever,” his fourth mixtape. “Tarantino” was released in 2016. And this year in 2018, he released his latest mixtape called “Bobby Tarantino II.”

Apart from mixtapes, Logic debuted with his studio album in 2014; the album was called “Under Pressure.” This album went up to position four on the US Billboard 200 and also received Gold certification. His second album went up to position three and sold millions of units. Logic’s studio album “Everybody” which was released last year was extraordinary and went up to number one on the US Billboard 200. This was the album which included the super hit 1-800-273-8255.

Logic has been awarded and nominated for a number of awards, including the prestigious Grammy Awards for which he was nominated this year. He has won the BMI Pop Awards and MTV Video Music Awards among others.

Net Worth & Earning:

Logic’s net worth is somewhere around $16 million, which is almost three times his net worth in 2017. In March, Logic claimed to have signed a $30 million record deal and paid a tax of $10 million throughout last year. In April, the same month he officially filed for divorce from his wife, he bought a new house in California for a whopping $3.57 million. The primary source of Logic’s income is his show earnings where he charges over half a million dollars for one single appearance. Other than this, his album sales and single sales contribute to his income.

Although Logic was born into a family of drug addicts, he has over these years made his name in the music industry. Logic has without any doubt a long way to go. We can see where he will reach if at the age of 28 he is here.


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