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Lil B Net Worth

Lil B Net Worth 2020

Lil B whose real name is Bandon McCartney is a famous American author and solo rapper. Currently, he performs as a solo artist of ‘Pack,’ the hip-hop group. Lil B commenced his career as a musician after dropping out from high school at the age of 16 years. Continue reading to find the current net worth of Lil B as of 2019.

Early Life & Biography:

Lil B Net Worth 2020

Lil B was born as Bandon McCartney on 17th August 1989 in Berkeley, California, the United States. Lil B attended Albany High School. However, he dropped out of high school when he was 16 years old to become a professional musician. While growing up, Lil B was equally inspired by the two most famous artists namely, Prince and 2Pac. Their influence had a very positive impact on the young Lil B as a solo artist.

Later, while he was still in his teens, Lil B joined the ‘Pack,’ a hip-hop group. He had come across the name when he was checking the Bay Area. As a solo artist, Lil B proved to be an eccentric and ambitious rapper. As a teenager, Lil B came up with the Bay Area that showed the ‘Pack,’ a hip-hop group. This group released ‘Van’ targeting the sneaker-lovers audiences.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

As a solo artist, Lil B released songs via his website. Lil B created more than 155 pages of MySpace having 1500 tracks uploaded of his recordings. Some of his recordings include ‘Pretty Bitch,’ ‘Wonton Soup,’ and ‘I’m God.’
Around 2010, Lil B had signed up with Amalgam Digital. Lil B released some of the popular albums called ‘Angels Exodus,’ ‘Glass Face’ featuring remixes of ‘All My Life’ and ‘Exhibit 6’.

Johan Weiner, a Slate columnist, has reported Lil B as wonderfully warped after his release of the album ‘I’m Gay.’ Ever since Lil B has got many death threats. Even if he uses his name as Lil B, he is not homosexual and is just happy. According to Lil B, the record album ‘I’m Gay’ was to try and help people to accept others just the way they are.

Lil B stresses on the fact that several rap songs depict hate, violence including lack of respect for women. Lil B got mixed criticism from the audiences including death threats. Lil B has mentioned that he is keen on expressing only the positive aspects of life.

In 2006, the Rolling Stone Magazine ranked the popular song of ‘The Pack’ called ‘Van’ in 5th position.

Net Worth & Earnings:

The net worth of Lil B is $5 Million. Most of his wealth comes from his solo performances with a hip-hop group named ‘The Pack.’ This group is famous for releasing recordings. As a teenager, Lil B had joined the group, ‘The Pack.’ After successfully releasing ‘Van,’ the group released ‘Skateboards 2 Scrapers’. Later, The Pack released two albums – 2007s ‘Based Boys’ and 2010s ‘Wolfpack Party’.

Lil B continues his career as a solo rapper and artist with the ‘Pack,’ a hip-hop group. He continues to release fresh new albums. He keeps his fans and admirers happy through his social media that has several pages. Also, his MySpace page has over 155 pages, and he uses them for uploading his recorded tracks since 2010.

Lil B expresses the positive aspects of life and ignores its negative issues. He hopes that people would understand the message he implies through his songs. Most significantly, Lil B is interested in making people more tolerant of each other.