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Killer Mike Net Worth

Killer Mike Net Worth 2020

Michael Santiago Render is known with his stage name, Killer Mike and famous for his acting, rapping, and activism. He has also released five albums with solo artist and has been able to become a famous rapper. Killer Mike is also a political and social activist, and he has also delivered lectures at various universities and colleges. He is the renowned supporter of the famous Bernie Sanders in the year 2016. He has appeared in various feature films, and you can check net worth of Killer Mike in 2020 in this article ahead.

Early Life & Biography

Killer Mike Net Worth 2020

He was born on 20th April in the year 1975 in Atlanta in Georgia. He is the son of florist mother and policeman father. In the year 2002, he got the Grammy award for his performance in rapping music. He has also released many albums. Nothing much has been known about his early life and parents because he hasn’t revealed much to anyone.

Personal Life

Killer Mike got married to Shana in the year 2006 and had four children with her. Both of them has children whom names are Malik, Aniyah, Mikey, and Pony. He has his wife opened a barbershop in Atlanta in Georgia on 1st November in the year 2011. Now, he is planning to open around 150 shops across the different areas in the US.

He is known as an outspoken social activist who has mainly focused on systemic racism, police brutality, and social equality. He has also appeared in the political world. He became the representative in Georgia House of representatives for the 55th district of Georgia. In the year 2016, he gained huge criticism because of Sanders activism.

Career, Awards & Nominations

He started his career as a rapper and then in the year 2011, he met Jason DeMarco and produced RAP music with him and then he released another album in the same year. He made a tour of many weeks during which he did various shows, and then he gained huge recognition with his rapping style. Not only he has done rapping, but he has also appeared in various movies like ATL and Idlewild. He also used to perform as a voice actor, and then he also acted as a hype man for a female opera singer. In the year 2014, he performed a rap battle with the famous Action Bronson.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Killer Mike is around $6.5 million which he has earned by working as a hip-hop recording artist and a great actor. He is the also the founder of official records and has also won Grammy awards. He released total six studio albums and also released four mixtapes. He has also appeared in various movies.

Killer Mike is a famous hip hop recording artist who has also been a nice actor and great political leader. He has released many song albums and also mixtapes with which he has been able to earn millions of money, and he also opened a barbershop with his wife.


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