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Jermaine Dupri Net Worth

Jermaine Dupri Net Worth 2020

Jermaine Dupri is a renowned rapper, a producer, songwriter and a record executive who is from America. He has featured in one of his most renowned albums known as the Life in 1472 as well as in the Instructions. He has many songs which have hit the music industry which has made him remain a popular rapper in the music industry. During his career, he has worked with several other artists. With his success in the music industry, he has continually gained much fame day in day out. Keep reading this article to get to know more about the net worth of Jermaine Dupri in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Jermaine Dupri Net Worth 2020

Jermaine Dupri was born on 23rd September 1972 in Asheville at the North of Carolina. He was born to his parents Michael Mauldin and Tina Mosley. Dupri spent much of his childhood in Atlanta from which he discovered his passion and talent he has on music. He got much mentorship from his father which led him to begin his career before the age of ten.

He got an opportunity to interact with Ross in the one of the Diana Ross Shows in 1982. This made him get more interest in joining the music industry. In the same year, while he was 12 years old, he joined Whodini from which he revealed his skill in hip-hop through which he used to dance. He later became noted in one of the music videos known as Freaks Come Out at Night. Before this, he had performed in different places together with Cameo and Herbie Hancock. He then collaborated with Whodini, Grandmaster Flash, and Run D.M.C. Dupri from which he launched the New York Fresh Festival.

Personal Life

Dupri dated Janet Jackson in the year 2001. Janet Jackson is also a singer with whom they had one daughter known as Shaniah though this couple divorced in the year 2009.

Career, Awards, & Nominations

Jermaine Dupri got rooted in his career at a very young age beginning as a dancer through which he performed in a hip-hop dance group known as Whodini at the age of 12. As he moved along the country performing, he got much exposure in the music world and in the year 1990, he produced the first of his own act known as Silk Tymes Leather. After this, he collaborated with Chris Kelly and Chris Smith and then made a group by the name Kriss Kroos whom they together released their first album in the year 1992 by the name Totally Krossed Out.

Dupri then made his own label known as So So Def Recordings from which he signed the label with R&B group Xscape which then later released its first album known as Hummin’ Comin at Cha. He signed in Da Brat and released Funkdafied in 1994 followed by Always Be My Baby the next year.

In collaboration with Columbia Records, in the year 1997, Dupri got much from several tracks which include; Nice and Slow, You Make Me Wanna and My Way. He also took part in Destiny’s Child in the year 1998 then launched a single known as The Party Continues.

In 2003, Jermaine Dupri signed with Arista Records joining them after losing contacts with Columbia records and produced albums such as Merry Christmas II: You, Let The Bass Kick and Can’t Stop Partying which were a big success. He has had other major productions which have led to an increase in his fame. Through the increase in his popularity, Dupri has had many awards in which he has been nominated in the year 1999 and 2005 for the Prestigious Grammy Awards. Due to his success, he was also honored with Black Reel Awards in 2003.

Net Worth & Earnings

Jermaine Dupri has an estimated net worth of $2.5 Million. This has been highly contributed to his success in the music industry in which he got his career moving while still at a very tender age. He has got also several awards which have boosted his net worth for the year 2018.

Dupri is one of the few celebrities who are focused on doing anything to ensure that they keep on improving each new day. He is supported by most of the other stars which proves he has got much influence. With this, he is expected to keep on improving.