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Hurricane Chris Net Worth

Hurricane Chris Net Worth 2020

Better known for his single called A Bay Bay, Hurricane Chris is an excellent example of the possibility of living well after dropping out of school. Therefore, if circumstances force you to do that, it is not the end of you. Hurricane rose to fame after the release of his album, 51/50 Ratchet back in 2007. How did he make it in life? To learn a thing or two about his life, keep reading. We unearth the details and the net worth of Hurricane Chris in 2020 in a moment. Don’t miss it.

Early Life & Biography

Hurricane Chris Net Worth 2020

Hurricane Chris was born in 1989 on 27th February. That being his stage name, his official one is Cristopher Dooley, Jr. He hails from Shreveport, Louisiana in the United States. His childhood life is something he is yet to share with his fans.

Nevertheless, his education life is no secret. He was once a student at the Huntington High School. That remained the case until he dropped out in 2007. He chose to pursue his career as a rapper instead of continuing with his studies. From where he stands today, that was a wise decision.

Personal Life

The inspiration of his stage name Hurricane is his ability to rap super-fast. Back in 2008, he was romantically involved with Shay Johnson. However, it was brief. In fact, it ended as soon as it started. Ever since then, there has been no news of him dating someone else.

Career, Awards & Nominations

After dropping out of school, he began to pursue his dream career. Just like any other parent, the decision of dropping out of school was a disappointment. That same year when he fell out of school, he released his first single. The title was A Bay Bay. He had the assistance of a renowned rap producer, Phunk Dawn. Then, he earned the attention of J Records. After signing him, he released a mixtape, Louisi-Animal. Subsequently, he recorded an album, Rap-A-Lot Record.

His next release was his all-time hit album, 51/50 Ratchet. It contains his best single, A Bay Bay. It was remarkable to the extent that it was a top-ten hit. His other album was Unleashed and Return of Hurricane. The first one did not do well. Consequently, he was released from his record label. That explains why the second one was under 50/51 Entertainment and FryreHouse Entertainment. It is his record label. His latest album was King Cane of 2017.

He has produced hit after hit. The worst performing album was position 20 on the Top Rap Album Chart.

Net Worth & Earning

The net worth of Hurricane Chris is $500 thousand. In no time, it is bound to rise even further. He is not only outstanding but also very promising. Chris’ main source of income is his career as a rapper. He earns money from the sales of the albums. For instance, he had sold 26,000 copies within the first week of the release of 51/50 Ratchet.

Hurricane Chris is an outstanding rapper. Besides his great albums, he has worked with other iconic rappers. They include Mystikal, Keisha Cole, and Cee-Lo. If he keeps the pace, his reign in rapping will always be remembered. He is an excellent source of inspiration no doubt.