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Famous Dex Net Worth

Famous Dex Net Worth 2020

If you love music raps, then you must know Famous Dex whose real name is Dexter Gore. He is well known for his Pick it up and Japan song which ranked at the high number on Billboard Hot 100. He has just started his music career after the year 2012, and now he has become a famous rapper.

He is most famous among youngsters, and he has signed with Rich the Kid’s Label, Rich Forever Music with which he was able to earn a lot of money. Are you interested in knowing the net worth of Famous Dex in 2020? If yes, then you can read this article ahead.

Early Life & Biography

Famous Dex Net Worth 2020

He was born on 6th September in the year 1993 in Chicago, and he spent his childhood in the South side of the city Chicago. He went to Catholic School which was located at Hyde Park and then he went to Hernandez Middle School. After this, he went to Paul Roberson High School. His mother died in September in the year 2014 after which he decided to follow a music career.

Personal Life

He hasn’t revealed anything to his fans about his personal life as he expresses his feelings with his songs. Only this is known that he had a baby boy in the year 2017 with his girlfriend Baby Mamma. He also has two daughters with his girlfriend. He opens to his fans only by singing raps for them. He remains connected with his friends on his Instagram ID where he keeps posting about his special moments. When he purchased his first house, then he posted a pic of it on Instagram for his fans.

Career, Awards, & Nominations

In 2015, he released his first mixtape on his own, and it was titled as never seen it coming. In few months after same year, he released the second mixtape titled Dexter’s Laboratory. Then again in the next year, he released more of his mixtapes. Finally, ion the year 2016 he has signed to Rich the kid’s label forever music. He released his debut album on 6th April in the year 2018. Although he hasn’t won any awards until now, he has just started his career, and it is assumed that he will win a lot of awards in some years.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Famous Dex is $2.5 million which he has earned through this music solo career. He has released various mixtapes, and now his music albums also have become famous among the people. He has earned most of the wealth from his hit songs like Pick it Up, Rich forever3, Japan, and Dex meets Dexter. His career started when his mother died as he found music as his best friend when his mother was not along with him at the time of his problems.

In his beginner days of a music career, he used to perform as a hype dancer on tracks of music videos. Not only he is a famous rapper, but he is also a songwriter. He is an inspiration for those who think of making a career at an early age impossible. He has achieved a lot at such an early age, and he would achieve a lot more in some days. Even after his mother died, he didn’t go into depression but instead he got motivated to follow up his dreams for her mother. AS mother raised him up during his childhood years, he started working harder for her mom. Then he wrote various songs and raps after his mother died.


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