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CupcakKe Net Worth

CupcakKe Net Worth 2020

CupcakKe is a professional rapper from the United States. She began her career at a very young age and has released three studio albums in her career. Her songs have become viral on the internet, and she has also done many concert tours. She has also performed as a featured artist for many leading artists. Here is a quick summary of net worth, career and earnings of CupcakKe in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

CupcakKe Net Worth 2020

The real name of CupcakKe is Elizabeth Eden Harris. Her name is also stylized as “CupcakKe”. She was born in May 1997 in Chicago, Illinois. She grew up in King Drive and was raised by her mother. She was only ten when she got involved with the local church. Following that, she used to perform in the church and recite about faith.

She witnessed a lot of trouble during her childhood and was raised in asylums and shelters. It has not been established on where did she went to receive her education and that if she has been to college.

Personal Life

According to reports, CupcakKe is a bisexual. However, it is not known if she has a boyfriend or girlfriend. Since she was raised by a single mother, she has never seen her father.

Career, Award & Nominations

CucakKe became popular after releasing her video “Gold Digger” on YouTube. At the time of the release, she was only 15 years old. However, the video got later removed. Soon she went on to release other music and get more than 300 thousand subscribers. In 2016, CupcakKe released her debut album called ‘Audacious’.

The following year, she came up with her second album entitled ‘Queen Elizabitch’. In 2018, she released her third album ‘Ephorize’. She has also released the mixtapes ‘Cum Cake’ and ‘S.T.D. (Shelters to Deltas)’. In 2015, she released the singles “Vagina” and “Deepthroat”. Both the songs became viral on WorldStarHipHop and YouTube.

Her mixtape ‘Cum Cake’ also appeared in the list of ‘Best Rap Albums of 2016’ by Rolling Stone. CupcakKe also released other singles including “Juicy Coochie”, “Panda (Remix)”, “Picking Cotton”, “Cartoons”, “Hot Pockets”, “Best Dick Sucker”, “LGBT”, “Doggy Style”, and “Spider-Man Dick”. She is known for her comical lyrical content, and her songs have been used for various advocacy of LGBT.

Net Worth & Earnings

A rapper who has been performing when she was only 15 must have made good money in her career. As a female rapper, she has released many albums and has been successful enough to make a net worth of over $500 thousand. She has also performed as a featured artist for Kelela, Tucker William, LIL PHAG, So Drove, and Charli XCX. She has done the tours ‘The Marilyn Monhoe Tour’, ‘Queen Elizabitch Tour’, and ‘The Ephorize Tour’.

CupcakKe is a very successful female rapper who has got many fans. She is also very popular on YouTube and went on to amass many subscribers. She took the internet by storm by releasing her singles. She is still active in her career and is very young.