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Chuck D Net Worth

Chuck D Net Worth 2020

Chuck D is a rapper, music producer and an author from America. He is best known as the leader of the rap group ‘Public Enemy’. He was among the pioneers of rap music in the 80s which makes him be considered as a godfather in rap music. Today let’s learn more about the career, Biography and net worth of Chuck D in 2020.

Early Life and Biography

Chuck D Net Worth 2020

His real names are Carlton Douglas Ridenhour, born on August 1, 1960, in New York, USA. His father Lorenzo and Judy his mother were both political activists, and he was one of their four children. His siblings were Thelma, Henry, and Paul.

The family relocated to Roosevelt, and that is where Chuck D began his education. He attended Roosevelt High School. He then joined Adelphi University for a Graphic Design course. He graduated in 1984 and later got a doctorate in 2013.

He was an active student at the university, and he used to draw cartoons for a student newspaper. He also co-hosted a radio show that used to air on a local radio station. The show featured hip-hop music. Chuck also used to design posters and flyers for various hip-hop events.

Personal Life

Chuck D is married to Gaye Johnson who is a UCLA associate professor. The couple has been blessed with three children all girls. Two of them are grown-ups and successful in their respective careers.

Chuck D is known to have a popularly clean life. He does not drink, smoke or even use drugs.

Career, Awards, and Nominations

He had an interest in rap music from a young age, and he used to take part in many hip-hop events during his early years. After completing his education, he mainly focussed on hip-hop, and he used his career to create awareness on issues for the black Americans.

He later formed ‘Public Enemy,’ and they launched an album in 1987. The album was titled ‘Yo! Bum Rush the Show’. After that, Rick Robin who was a record producer was very impressed by Chuck’s work, and he helped him sign up a contract with the Def Jam Label.

Chuck released another album ‘Fear of a Black Planet’ which was very well received. They later in 1998, released a soundtrack album for the movie ‘He Got Game’. He released the ‘Autobiography of Mistachuck’ in 1996. This became his best album at the moment with the biggest audience.

Due to his popularity and success in his career, he has collaborated and worked with various artist like Ice Cube, Janet Jackson, Anthrax, John Mellencamp, Moe Dee and many others. For three times he was nominated for American Music Award and four times for Grammy Awards.

Net Worth and Earnings

Chuck D has a net worth of $24 Million. His wealth has come from the sale of his albums, Concerts that he often holds and music royalties. He also has many investments in different fields and their returns add to his ever-growing massive wealth.

Chuck D brought a revolution in the Hip-Hop music industry. He was able to make a successful career out of this. His dedication and hard work are evident as we look at the Hip-Hop music today. Though he is no longer active, his efforts and contribution can still be felt today.


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