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Canibus Net Worth

Canibus Net Worth 2020

Canibus is a Jamaican-American rapper. He began his career at a very young age and has been performing for over two decades. He has released several albums and singles. Some of his popular singles include “Second Round K.O.”, “Hip Hop Black Ops”, “The Ghost of Hip Hop’s Past”, and “How Come”. Here is a quick summary of net worth, career and earnings of Canibus in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Canibus Net Worth 2020

The real name of Canibus is Germaine Williams. He was born in December 1974, in Kingston, Jamaica. He is the son of Alvadon Basil Williams and Patricia Williams. His father was a popular cricketer who has played cricket for the West Indies and Jamaica. His siblings are Basil Williams and Gabrielle Williams.

He has moved frequently in many cities including The Bronx, Buffalo, Miami, Atlanta, and London. After completing his high school, he worked in AT&T Corporation for a year. Later, he worked in the United States Department of Justice as a data analyst. He went to Atlanta’s DeKalb College.

Personal Life

It has not been known if Canibus is single or is in a relationship with someone. According to reports, the rapper has got children. There were reports that his daughter is a model on Instagram. There are also rumors that he has got a second daughter. He was rumored to have an encounter with Karrine Steffans in 2000.

Career, Award & Nominations

In 1998, Canibus released his debut album called ‘Can-I-Bus’. This was a gold-certified album and was released on Universal Music. He then released ‘2000 B.C. (Before Can-I-Bus)’. In 2001, the rapper came up with ‘C! True Hollywood Stories’. This was followed by ‘Mic Club: The Curriculum’ in 2002.

The other albums of the rapper are ‘Rip the Jacker’, ‘Mind Control’, ‘Hip-Hop For Sale’, ‘For Whom the Beat Trolls’, ‘Melatonin Magik’, ‘C of Tranquility’, ‘Lyrical Law’, ‘Fait Accompli’, ‘Time Flys, Life Dies… Phoenix Rise’, and ‘Full Spectrum Dominance’. Canibus has also released the collaboration albums ‘The Horsemen Project’, ‘Def Con Zero’, and ‘In Gods We Trust, Crush Microphones to Dust’.

His mixtapes are ‘The Vitruvian Man’, ‘My Name Is Nobody’, and ‘The Brainstream’. In 2014, Canibus released the compilation album called ‘The Masterpiece Collection’. Despite releasing a number of albums in his career, the rapper has not received an award. However, he has appeared in the list of “Top 50 MCs of Our Time” by About.com.

Net Worth & Earnings

How much will a rapper have who has released many albums in his career? He has got a net worth of over $500 thousand. He has also served in the United States Army but was discharged. Apart from releasing music, he is also an actor and has appeared in the films ‘Bamboozled’, ‘Beef II’, and ‘The MC: Why We Do It’. We can expect to see an increase in his wealth as he continues to perform.

Canibus is a very successful rapper from Jamaica. He currently lives in the United States and has got many fans. He has been dedicated to his work and is very active in his career.


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