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Fred Norris Net Worth

Fred Norris Net Worth 2020

Eric Fred Norris, who was born as Fred Leo Nukis, is a very popular American radio personality and is one of the longest tenured staff members at ‘The Howard Stern Show’ apart from the Stern himself. The first time that Howard had an opportunity to meet Stern was when he was working at the WCCC-FM, which is a radio station that is in Hartford, Connecticut. Keep on reading to learn more on the net worth and earnings of Fred Norris in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Fred Norris Net Worth 2020

Fred Norris was born in the year 1955 on July 9th to Henry Nukis and Valija who were the Latvian immigrants. He grew up in Manchester, Connecticut and by the time he was born, his parents’ marriage was going through a lot of troubles. His father would leave home when he was five years old, and Fred has come out to say that his father had alcohol problems.

He has said that in most times that his dad came drunk, he would hide in the closet so as not to be part of the trouble. His older brother always used him as a punching bag, and whenever he wasn’t, he never wanted to be associated with him. Most of the times, to distract himself, he would read books, watch cartoons or even ride bicycles. Despite not having the much-needed guidance when he was an adolescent, he went through this stage with no much complications.

Personal Life

Norris tied the knot with Allison Furman, who was a woman that he had met on a segment of the Stern radio show. The couple has been blessed with a daughter who was born in 2002. In the year 1993, that was when he legally changed his name from Fred Nukis to the current name which is Eric Fred Norris.

Career, Awards, & Nominations

Fred Norris has been the longest-serving staff at the Howard Stern Show. He began his career with the WCCC FM radio which was situated in Hartford, Connecticut. During this time, he was a college student. The first time that Fred had an encounter with Howard Stern was during the night shift at the WCCC.

From here, they became very good buddies, and in 1981, he joined WAQY-FM in the Springfield, Massachusetts. After achieving the success of the show at the WWDC in Washington, Stern was able to achieve immense popularity with much higher ratings.

This was the time when he hired Fred Norris to become the producer of the show ‘The Howard Stern Show’ which was created in 1982. Till to date, Fred has remained to part of the cast of the show. He has helped to create memorable moments in the show and has also written brilliant scripts of comedy. Also, Fred has been involved in very many movies and television shows among them including Law & Order and Believe.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Fred Norris is estimated to be over $20 million. The main source of his income has been from ‘The Howard Stern Show.’ His annual salary is estimated to be over $6 million. In addition to this, he has been part of movies and television series including Believe, Howard Stern on Demand and Law & Order. He has been known for the comical timing.

Despite having one of the world childhood times, that has never affected his growth when it comes to life. He has been known to be a very funny radio personality. The fact that he has a good humor personality is what has made people love him. He is highly involved in raising money for the various charitable organizations.


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