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Don Imus Net Worth (dead)

Don Imus Net Worth 2020

Don is a former humorist and a radio presenter in the United States of America. He was in this career for a relatively long period. During his profession, he managed to attain a lot of fame and wealth as well. This article will inform more about his biography, personal life, and career life. Now let’s have a close look on the net worth of Don Imus in 2020.

Early Life & Biography:

Don Imus Net Worth 2020

He was born on July 1940, in Riverside, California. He is the first kid to his father, John Donald Imus, Sr and his mother, Frances. Don and his brother were raised up on a cattle ranch which is located near Kingman, in Arizona. He went to different schools for his studies though he was not a bright student. His childhood, however, was tough since his parents parted ways when he was only 15 years old. This led to him dropping out of high school and joined Marine Corps where he stayed for three years. At some point in his early life, he was addicted to alcohol but he later reformed after a long struggle.

Personal Life:

Don got married to Harriet Showalter, who had two daughters from her previous relationship. After getting married to Don, he gave birth to two more daughters. Their names are Elizabeth and Ashley. However, the couple divorced in 1979. Don got married to his current wife, Deirdre Coleman in 1994. The two are blessed with one son by the name of Frederick Wyatt.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

Don used to do some odd jobs until one day he won a talent contest at a nightclub owned by Jonny Otis. This is where the passion for being a radio presenter originated from. He first worked as a radio disc jockey in 1968 at KUTY radio station in California. Later he went to KJOY radio station, where he got a lot of popularity for his rude comments and controversial statement on ar. Later he was fired for using the word “hell” on air. Later in 1971, WNBC Radio, where he was hosting a show by the name “Imus in the morning.”

He introduced his listeners to “insult humor.” On this show, he was known for making fun of celebrities and other media personalities. He had his unique style of hosting his show, and this made him a legend. His show was aired for 36 years on radio and broadcasted for 11 years on the MSNBC television network. His show was well ranked, and it received many successful radio ratings. Apart from being a radio presenter, Don is also a photographer, author, and philanthropist.

Net Worth & Earnings:

Due to his great performance that made his show receive many good ratings, Don’s salary also increased hence resulting in his overall net worth. His salary is estimated to be approximately $7 to $10 million. His total net worth is estimated to be $50 million. This is a relatively great amount of wealth that he has made for himself.

Don is a very successful man despite his early life being tough. He is a hardworking person, and through his hard work, he managed to secure a good title despite him not being very educated. By him being unique in his career, he brought change in the radio broadcasting industry. This made him famous and successful in his career.


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