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Anthony Cumia Net Worth

Anthony Cumia Net Worth 2020

Anthony Cumia is a famous American comedian, radio talk host, and radio personality. He is most renowned for co-hosting New York-based his comedian and radio talk show ‘Opie and Anthony.’ Continue reading to find the net worth of Anthony Cumia as of 2019.

Early Life & Biography:

Anthony Cumia Net Worth 2020

Anthony Cumia was born on 26th April 1961 in Elwood, Town of Huntington, New York, in the US. Anthony Cumia and his two siblings named Dawn and Joe grew up in Long Island. Yet, their parents had a disorderly relationship that led to their divorce. Anthony Cumia spent most of his adolescent years with his father in California State. He studied at Elwood-John H. Glenn High School in Elwood, but, left without graduation.

Personal Life:

In 1989, Anthony Cumia began dating Jennifer Cumia, the former girlfriend of his brother, Joe. After seven months, they got married but divorced in March 2002. Anthony Cumia and Jennifer were married until 1990; however, they got divorced. Since 2008, Anthony Cumia is dating Jill Nicolini. Although the couple is getting along fine, they are not interested in getting married.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

Originally, before his career in radio, Anthony Cumia had a blue collared job with HVAC systems. This Company was involved in air conditioning, heating, and ventilation systems. Anthony Cumia was interested in radio broadcasting and was inspired by Don Imus and Howard Stern of New York City.

Anthony Cumia commenced his career as a singer while performing in the band called ‘Rotgut.’ Later, he joined Opie Gregg Hughes to begin hosting their show on WBAB. Anthony Cumia, Opie Gregg Hughes and Jim Norton co-host the show called ‘Opie and Anthony.’ Initially, it started as a Chicago-based radio station. However, the same show was aired from New York-based radio station (2012). The show entertains all radio listeners all over the US.

Net Worth & Earnings:

The net worth of Anthony Cumia is $9 million. Most of Anthony Cumia’s wealth comes from his radio shows and endorsement deals. He is popular for co-hosting the radio show ‘Opie and Anthony Show’ aired 1995 to 2014. This show was controversial and drew many critics who tried to compel them off the show. During April fool, they had pulled a prank – the city’s major has died in car accident. Following, the duo was fired and prevented from appearing on the Boston radio station. As a result, the duo got a better opportunity at WNEW in New York City.

After airing their show encouraging listeners to perform sex in public places, the duo was fired. A couple was caught having sex in St Patrick’s Cathedral. When the duo was fired, Opie and Anthony each were annually earning $5 million as part of their 3-year $30 million contracts. Following, the duo’s radio show was cancelled, and CBS had to pay the rest of their contract. After two years, the radio show returned to XM Radio (2006). Sirius fired Anthony after he had sent several offensive and racists tweets (2014).

Anthony Cumia commenced his own self-produced video podcast show, ‘The Anthony Cumia Show.’ He took videos around his resident and studio in Manhattan and aired the show until September 2017.

In 2017, Anthony Cumia’s annual salary was $1,000,000. His resident in New York City is worth $2,400,000, and his BMW vehicle is worth $600,000. He supports the National Rifle Association and has a gun carry permit for New York City. Anthony carries his PPKS .380 ACP gun and his favorite Heckler & Koch P2000 .40 caliber.

Around September 2017, Anthony Cumia joined comedian and actor Artie Lange. They co-hosted and aired ‘AA Show.’ In May 2018, Artie Lange left the radio show. Dave Landau substituted him. The same show was renamed as ‘The Anthony Cumia Show.’