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Alex Jones Net Worth

Alex Jones Net Worth 2020

Fake news is common and misleading. However, some people earn by transmitting false news. Alex Jones is one of the people who amass a great deal of his wealth from a false-news website. Who is Alex Jones? Alex Jones who is officially known as Alexander Emric Jones is a famous conspiracy theorist and radio show host. Jones is popularly known for hosting a radio show, The Alex Jones Show. It currently airs on a renowned network, General Communications Network. This article will answer all the relevant facts about this celebrity. It will also reveal the net worth of Alex Jones in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Alex Jones Net Worth 2020

Alexander Emric Jones was born in 1974, 11th February. His birthplace was Dallas, Texas in the United States of America. He grew up in Austin, Texas. His mother and father are Carol Jones and David Jones, respectively. Carol worked as a homemaker while David worked as a dentist.

Alex Jones joined the Anderson High School. He graduated from high school in 1993. Alex later joined the Austin Community College but dropped out of the school. During his early life, he often read magazines and books.

Personal Life

Alex Jones tied the knot with Kelly Jones after dating for an extended period. The couple welcomed three lovely kids. However, due to marriage conflicts, the two ended their relationship in 2015. Two years later Alex and Kelly confronted each other in court about the custody of their children. Kelly claimed that Alex Jones was not a stable man and could be a bad influence on their kids. The court later granted Kelly the power of deciding their kids’ home.

Alex’s son Rex Jones received public attention after joining info wars. He made a video of critical issues about the BuzzFeed News and gun control. Jones has openly said that his son convinced him to support current America’s president Donald Trump in the recently completed American general election.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Alex Jones started his career with a television public-access cable program in Austin. Jones later became a radio host in 1996. His first show was called The Final Edition which ran on the KJFK radio station. The first famous person to be hosted on the show was Ron Paul who was a Congress candidate. Two years later, Jones made his first film called America Destroyed By Design.

In the same year, he helped build a new Davidian Church following the 1993 church fire. He also confronted George Bush who was holding a rally in Texas. In 1999 his show won for being the best Austin Talk Show, but unfortunately, he was fired by KJFK radio manager. In 2000, Alex started hosting his show via the internet.
In 2001, Alex started speaking conspiracy to Bush’s administration. In 2007 he was arrested and detained for protesting in New York City. Jones is active in America’s politics. Jones owns a website called Info wars.com.

Net Worth & Earnings

Alex Jones has a net worth of $12 million. He is one of the most successful radio presenters in the world. Alex amassed this net worth from his multiple radio shows. His website also contributes a great deal to his net worth. It has millions of visits. As a result of that, it is the most popular online news website.

Life is better and enjoyable when we venture into our best fields. Alex Jones is a talented radio presenter who has one of the most popular talks shows running. Jones has recorded high-class success and awards thanks to his incredible performance. From his journey to success, people can learn that passion is the key to success.