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Nawaz Sharif Net Worth

Nawaz Sharif Net Worth 2020

Nawaz Sharif is a politician and businessman from Pakistan. He served as the prime minister of Pakistan for three terms. He is known by many as the owner of steel construction company, Ittefaq, and also owns ‘Sharif Group of companies.’ To know more about the net worth of Nawaz Sharif in 2020, read the following article.

Early Life & Biography

Nawaz Sharif Net Worth 2020

The 69 years old businessman was born Mian Muhammad Nawaz Sharif, in Lahore, Pakistan. He was born on the 25th of December 1949. His father was Muhammad Sharif, who was the founder of Sharif Group of companies. Nawaz’s younger brother Shahbaz Sharif, is the Chief Minister, Punjab Province.

Nawaz studied at Saint Anthony High School. He then joined a government college, from where he graduated with a degree in Business and Arts. He later enrolled at the University of Punjab, where he studied law.

Personal Life

Sharif is married to Kalsoom Nawaz Sharif of Kashmiri descent. The couple was blessed with four children. His elder son Hussain is based in Saudi Arabia, and he is a businessman. The younger son Hassan is also a businessman based in London.

His daughter Maryam is the chairperson of a youth initiative, and she is married to a politician. The other daughter Asma is married to a finance minister’s son. The residence of the Sharif family is at Raiwind Palace, in Jati Umra. In October 2018, jailed Sharif’s wife, Kulsoom Nawaz passed away in London.

Career, Awards, & Nominations

Sharif’s political career originated from Punjab. He was the leader of the Pakistan Muslim League, which he joined in 1976. He was elected as Punjab’s Prime Minister by Ghulam Khan, in 1980. In 1981, he joined the advisory board of Punjab, where he rose to great political and public levels.

He became Pakistan’s prime minister in October 1990. During his tenure, he endorsed the security of Pakistan against India. By doing this, he defied the US mandates. On the positive side, Nawaz ushered in economic reforms in Pakistan and also helped in the privatization of many state-owned businesses.

With the ongoing disputes between Pakistan and neighboring India, rampant corruption, degraded economy, and a huge foreign debt, Nawaz’s ruling began to crumble. Musharraf overthrew his government and he was tried and charged with terrorism. Nawaz went into exile in Saudi Arabia for a decade.

He made a comeback into politics in 2013 and he was elected again as the Prime Minister. He was, however, ousted in 2017 on several accounts of corruption on him and his family.

For his outstanding efforts, while he was in office, Sharif was accorded the Medal of Democracy. He was as well nominated for a Nobel Prize in 2013. This was for his role in uniting Qatar and Saudi Arabia and preventing a nuclear battle between them.

Net Worth & Earnings

The former Prime Minister has a net worth of $2 billion. Apart from his political career, he is the owner of the Sharif Group of companies as well as Ittefaq company, a leading multi-billion steel producing company in Pakistan. All this wealth ranks him on the fourth position on the wealthiest people list in Pakistan.

Nawaz Sharif can be regarded as the most enduring politician of all times. Despite his shortcomings, he brought many changes to many people in Pakistan as well as his neighbors. Currently, he and some of his family members are facing jail terms for various charges. We can just wish them all the best.


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