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John Edwards Net Worth

John Edwards Net Worth 2020

John Edwards is a popular former politician and attorney from the United States of America. He served in the United States Senate, and his name was on the Vice President Democratic nominee years ago. You may explore in details below the biography, career and net worth of John Edwards in 2020.

Early Life & Biography:

John Edwards Net Worth 2020

John Edwards full and the official birth name is Johnny Reid Edwards. He was born on June 10, 1953, in Seneca city in South Carolina, United States. His father, Wallace Reid Edwards, worked as a floor worker at a textile manufacture. His mother, Catharine Juanita Edwards, worked as a postal letter carrier after she ran an antique-finishing business.

John Edwards was raised and grew up generally in North Carolina. He finished his schooling and education at the North Moore High School. He went to study at the Clemson University and then transferred to the North Carolina State University. He earned a bachelor’s degree in textile technology, and then earned from the University of North Carolina School of Law with a Juris Doctor.

Personal Life:

John Edwards was married to the attorney, best-selling author and health care activist Elizabeth Edwards. They were married in 1977, separated in early 2010 and Elizabeth passed away because of a metastatic breast cancer in the same year. John also had a relationship with the former TV producer, Rielle Hunter.

John Edwards is the father of 3 daughters and 2 sons, Frances Quinn Hunter was born in 2008, Emma Claire Edwards was born in 1998 and the attorney Cate Edwards was born in 1982, Jack Edwards was born in 2000 and Wade Edwards was born in 1979 and died in 1996. His son, Wade, died because of a car accident.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

John Edwards early career in the legal field started with Franklin Dupree, and then he worked for a company named Dearborn & Ewing. He served as a Democratic Senator, and he was a candidate for the United States presidency.

John Edwards does not have great awards or honors like musicians or actors. He didn’t work in the entertainment field so he’s not supposed to have his name on awards.

There is not much new news about John Edwards. When you look for him, the latest things you find talks about how he asked his ex-partner Rielle Hunter to move to his house. Rielle authored a book about what happened between them titled “What Really Happened”.

Net Worth & Earnings:

The American attorney and former politician John Edwards has an estimated net worth of somewhere over $60 million. The main source of his wealth is the work he has done in the legal and political fields. John Edwards served as North Carolina United States Senator, and he was a candidate for the Democratic presidency.

John Edwards is a successful political person from America, who also worked in the legal field. The relationship he had with Rielle Hunter was all over the news and made a huge buzz in the U.S. John Edwards hasn’t been active much in either the political or legal sectors.