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Dick Cheney Net Worth

Dick Cheney Net Worth 2020

Dick Cheney is a renowned American politician as well as an entrepreneur who gained much of his popularity on being the 46th Vice President of the United States of America. He has greatly influenced the American politics has been a very influential vice president. He has always been an entrepreneur and he has been in the political field for more than three decades.

At first, he was a Democrat but later joined Republican so that he would be able to associate himself with George W. Bush with whom he treasured to a great extent. He got into his office in 2001 and ended in 2009. Keep reading this article to know more about the net worth of Dick Cheney in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Dick Cheney Net Worth 2020

Dick Cheney was born on 30th January in the year 1941 with his full name being Richard Bruce Cheney at Lincoln Nebraska in the United States. He was to his parents by the name Marjorie and Richard Herbert Cheney. He had a combined ancestry which included being Irish, French, English, and Welsh.

Dick schooled at Calvert Elementary School prior to his moving to Casper in Wyoming where he joined a school by the name Natrona Country High School. He then later joined Yale University for his higher education than to the University of Wyoming where he graduated with a Bachelors and a Masters in Political Science. After this, he moved to the University of Wisconsin-Madison where he did his doctoral studies though he did not complete these course.

Personal Life

Dick Cheney tied knots with Lynne Vincent in the year 1964 with whom they had known each other from a tender age of 14 years. They together have two children by the name Mary and Elizabeth as well as seven grandchildren.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Dick’s career commenced in his political world where he began it at the year 1969 through an internship course for William A. Steiger through which he was in the Administration of Richard Nixon. In the year 1971 to the year 1975, he had played the roles of several posts which include being Deputy Assistant to the President, and White House Staff Assistant. After this, he then became the Assistant to the President where he worked under Gerald Ford and became the Campaign Manager on the 1976 presidential campaigns. He worked on the political field in the consecutive years following his excellent performance.

He got elected to represent Wyoming in US House of Representatives in the year 1978 to 1989 where he also became the Republican Policy Committee Chairman and the Chairman of the House Republican Conference. He then played other several political roles such as Director of the Council on Foreign Relations in 1989, Secretary of Defense for five years, overseeing the ‘Operation Desert Storm’, Chairman of Halliburton in 1995, Vice-Presidential Search Committee in the year 2000. He also played as an acting president on 29th June in 2002 when Bush was undergoing a colonoscopy and also played the same role on 21st July 2007.

Dick Cheney then later quitted his office on the entry of Barack Obama’s term in the year 2009. He has won some awards such as the Presidential Medal of Freedom in the year 1991 by President Bush and Honorary Doctorate of Public Service by Brigham Young University on April 2007.

Net Worth & Earnings

Dick Cheney has an estimated net worth of $105 Million. This is a clear indication of the lucrative roots he has had from his career line. This has resulted from the hard work he has put in his career both on political field as well as being an entrepreneur. Having held several posts in the political field for more than three decades has greatly earned him many earnings.

Dick has had a successful career line has been a very influential political leader in the American history through which he has also acted as a mediator of peace. He has been a peacemaker and has always condemned evil which is clearly indicated through his acknowledgment of Barack’s Obama effort of killing the most-wanted terrorist though he is an opponent of Barack’s views.


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