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Andrew Cuomo Net Worth

Andrew Cuomo Net Worth 2020

Andrew Mark Cuomo is known for his writings and politics who is also a lawyer by profession. He is the member of Democratic Party and has been the Governor of New York from the year 2011. He has also founded the Housing Enterprise for the Less privileged people and that’s why he is known for his professional work as well as charity work. You might be interested in knowing about the net worth of Andrew Cuomo in 2020, then you can read this article.

Early Life & Biography:

Andrew Cuomo Net Worth 2020

He was born on 29th January in the year 1997 in Queens borough of New York. He is the eldest son of Mario Cuomo and Matilda. Both of his parents were from Italian Descent and his younger brother is a journalist in CNN. In the year 1971, he graduated from St. Gerard Majella’s School and then he went to Archbishop Molloy High School from where he completed his high school in the year 1975. He got a degree in Bachelor of Arts from the Fordham University in the year 1979 and has also done J.D. from the Albany School of Union University in New York in the year 1982.

Personal Life:

He got married to Kerry Kennedy on 9th June in the year 1990. Both of them have three daughters named Cara Ethel Kennedy-Cuomo, Mariah Matilda Kennedy-Cuomo and Michaela Andrea Kennedy-Cuomo. The couple got separated in the year 2003 and got divorced in the year 2005.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

At first, he became the Campaign manager at his father’s campaign in the year 1982. After that, he became a government staff and was considered as one of the top policy advisors of his father. From the year 1984 to 19y22/85, he was the assistant District attorney in New York and he also worked in Law firm of Blutrich for a brief time period. He has also founded the Housing Enterprise in the year 1986 and from the year 1990 to 1993, he was the chair of New York city homeless Commission. He was also appointed as the assistant secretary of Department of Housing and Urban Development in the year 1993. He was also the member of President Bill Clinton’s administration.

Net Worth & Earnings:

The Net worth of this famous politician is $6.5 Million. He is earning a lot of money as he has a good and highly reputed career. His growth is tremendous and has various different modes of earning such as politics and writing. He has a wide property which he has made in his years of earning.

Andrew Mark Cuomo is an inspiration for youngsters to do something in life. He is quite popular among writers and people who have aimed to become a writer. He has huge numbers of followers that are done by numerous people. If you are a career oriented person then you should have a look at his biography. His biography gives you much courage and inspiration to become something in life.


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