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Steven Furtick Net Worth

Steven Furtick Net Worth 2020

Steven Furtick is the founder and lead pastor of one of the fastest growing churches in the United States of America, Elevation Church. Apart from this he also a songwriter and a best-selling national author as specified by one of the leading publications in the country. Today, let’s learn more about the career, biography, and net worth of Steven Furtick in 2020.

Early Life & Biography:

Steven Furtick Net Worth 2020

He was born as Larry Stevens Furtick on February 19, 1980, at Moncks Corner, South Carolina. Furtick completed his schooling from the famous Berkeley High School. It was after reading the book Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire that Furtick felt a call from the inside to become a pastor. This ultimately made him pursue a Masters of Divinity degree from the Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

Furtick worked briefly as a director in music at a local church in his hometown. He soon moved to Charlotte to start the Elevation Church which has now grown to multiple sites.

Personal Life:

Furtick is married to his wife Holly, and they have two sons – Elijah and Graham and a beautiful daughter – Abbey. His role is not limited to being a lead pastor at the Elevation Church. He has also become a top favourite motivational speaker in the country. Furtick has been invited to conferences and annual day events at many reputed institutions in the United States and abroad as well.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

The first service of the Elevation Church was held on February 5, 2006, in Charlotte. Since then it has grown to more than 15 locations around the country. Sometimes, Furtick gets an opportunity to address a congregation of more than thirty thousand. Outreach Magazine has also classified Elevation Church in the list of Top 100 fastest-growing churches.

The church has given close to $100 million in aid to global and local partners. Furtick surprised the members when in 2008, he handed over $40,000 to them and asked them to use it to help others. This made the church catch national headlines.

Net Worth & Earnings:

Steven Furtick has a net worth of $55 million. He owns an 8,400 square feet property with his wife at Waxhaw, NC. Furtick’s primary source of income has been his salary as a pastor of the Elevation. Assuming the large following, it can be perceived that he earns a great of deal of salary from the ministry.

Furtick’s other source of earnings include commissions from the sale of his books and fees charged for his motivational programs. Three of his books have been categorised as National Bestsellers by New York Times. This has helped him accumulate a large amount of wealth.

Steven Furtick started preaching the word of God from an early age. His sole mission in life has been to spread faith and practice of worship among the masses. Having succeeded in this endeavour by reaching out to thousands, Furtick continues to expand his reach through the social media. He posts regular updates that clears the air of confusion and makes one move an inch closer to realise the true self.


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