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Bishop Eddie Long Net Worth

Bishop Eddie Long Net Worth 2020

If a list of the most controversial pastors were to be written, one person would not miss from that list, Bishop Eddie Long. His career in the ministry spanned over three decades and served as pastor at the New Birth Missionary Baptist Church which was situated in DeKalb County in Georgia. His life was surrounded by controversy which was unexpected from a man of the cloth. Among them, they included sexual abuse cases from various women. Here is a quick summary of the net worth of Bishop Eddie Long in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Bishop Eddie Long Net Worth 2020

Eddie was born in Huntersville, North Carolina in 1953 on May 12th to Rev Floyd M Long and Hattie Long. After completing his secondary education, he joined North Carolina Central University which is located in Durham, North Carolina where he graduated with a degree in Business administration. In 2008, he donated $1 million to his former university that was meant to create a professorship in his name. He has been known to create his income from the many investments that he has made over the years including real estate investments as well as the royalties from his books.

Personal Life

As said in the above opening paragraph, his life has been one with a lot of controversies. He has been married for two times. The first time that he got married was to Dabara S Houston and this ended up in a scandalous divorce as his wife accused him of both mentals as well as the physical harassment.

Career, Awards & Nominations

After he was dismissed from the Ford Company, he decided to move to Atlanta where he studied theology and became a pastor of a very small church located in Jonesboro, Georgia. In 1987, he joined New Birth Missionary Baptist Church where he was ministering for over 300 members. Under his ministry, his membership increased to over 20,000 members.

In 1994, he was given the title of a Bishop in ‘Full Gospel Baptist Church’ Fellowship. His style of preaching involved long sermons, teachings, and writings. In 2006 he got chosen by the family of Martin Luther King Jr to host a funeral for the Mrs Coretta Scoot King. This event had four presidents in attendance including Bill Clinton, Jimmy Carter and George W Bush. He was a big supporter of George W Bush faith-based events.

Net Worth & Earnings

The net worth of Bishop Eddie Long is over $6.5 million. The fortune has been created from his expansive business in real estate which has seen his investments grow. After the creation of the New Birth Organizations, he received various funding from multiple organisations. He has written several books that have enjoyed expansive growth.

Despite the controversies Bishop Long has had in his life, he was a philanthropist who had been known to care for the less fortunate. In his former university, he donated $1 million with the aim of establishing a professorship. He has created a legacy for himself for the good work towards the less fortunate.