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Benny Hinn Net Worth

Benny Hinn Net Worth 2020

Among the most prominent pastors that are celebrated by Christians, Benny Hinn is never left behind. He is mostly known for his talk show, ‘This Is Your Day’ that airs his ‘Miracle Crusades’. Let us look at what the pastor had to go through as well as his enormous achievement. We will discuss the net worth of Benny Hinn in 2020 and how he rose to fame.

Early life & Biography

Benny Hinn Net Worth 2020

Many people are raised in various traditions and beliefs which might lead a person in their entire life. Hinn is among some of those who end up converting to other religious traditions. Born in 1952 in Israel, he was brought up within teachings of Eastern Orthodox tradition.

His parents took him to Toronto, Canada, after the war between Arabs and Israel which lasted for six days. Things changed when he converted to Pentecostalism and joined young evangelical singers’ group. Hinn got mentorship from Dr Winston I. Nunes while still in Toronto who also gave him Bible teachings. He was primarily inspired by an evangelist, Kathryn Kuhlman, who was known to perform miracle services. He then believed in Christ and claimed that he was called to spread the Gospel.

Personal Life

The 66-year-old Christian teacher and writer are currently married. In 1979, he tied the knot with Suzanne Harthern where they later got four children. The youngest is a son, Joshua, who has three sisters Eleasha Hinn, Natasha and Jessica. The most unexpected story in a Christian marriage followed, divorce.

They filed for divorce in 2010 after he was accused of having a love affair with Paula White who is an evangelist. Both Paula and Hinn denied these allegations. This also made him be sued for violating morality clause by Christian publishing house Strang Communications during his contract.

Despite Suzanne saying that they divorced for ‘irreconcilable differences’, they were able to make it together again in 2012. The following year, they remarried at the Holy Land Experience Theme Park in a ceremony mainly attended by an estimate of 1000 guests.

Career Awards & Nominations

The ability to reach many people both through writing and preaching has made Hinns one of the most successful pastors. He has written several Christian books namely; The Biblical Road to Blessing, The Anointing Holy spritit, He Touched Me with His biography and Good morning.

He has featured in many television shows, and his most popular one is ‘This is your day’. In 1983, he started the Orlando Christian Center in the United States and said that he had been given the power to heal human illnesses.

His financial breakthrough came when the church started conducting healing services in big stadiums and auditoriums across America which were known as Miracle Crusades. This, in turn, led to the launch of ‘This is Your Day’ which became the world’s most watched program of Christianity.

Although he stepped down as a pastor in 1999, he still conducts his miracle crusades all over the world with tens of thousands in attendance and sometimes millions.

Hinn is believed to engage in works of charity since his ministry supports over 100 thousand children with the basic needs per year. The ministry offers free health care at a hospital located in India with thousands of patients attending. He also donated money to the victims of Hurricane Katrina.

Net Worth & Earnings

The healing powers and teachings of Hinn overwhelmed many believers that made him very successful. His net worth is estimated to be $42 million. He got most of his wealth from books that he published as well as donations to the ministries. The government scrutinized his wealth after his critics said he made money and never paid taxes. The charges were later dropped.

Hinn is recognized worldwide for helping people acquire spiritual healing. He had earned a lot of respect and money from good wishers who likes him, especially when he donated $100 thousand to victims of hurricanes. He continues to achieve more greatness as he teaches people on positive living and gospel endorsement.