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Twitter Net Worth 2023, Wiki, Revenue, Founders

Twitter Net Worth 2020
Legal Name: Twitter
Headquarters Regions: San Francisco, California, United States
Founded Date: 21 March 2006
Founders: Jack Dorsey, Evan Williams, Biz Stone, Noah Glass
Number of Employees: 5000+
Company Type: For-Profit
Area served: United States of America and world
Products of Company: microblogging and social networking service
Net Worth in 2023: $10 Billion

Twitter is a very famous American online social marketing and news services on which the users post and also interact with messages that are referred to as ’Tweets.’ Initially, the tweets got to be restricted to around 140 characters but in the year 2017, but the limit was doubled for all the languages except when it comes to the Japanese, Chinese and Korean. The users that are registered can be able to post the tweets, but the unregistered can only be able to read them. The users can access Twitter through SMS or even the mobile device application software.

Perhaps you know a thing or two about Twitter, however, how well do you know about this Company? For instance, how old is this company? How about their origin, investments, earnings? In another case, Twitter might be a stranger, fortunately for you, we have compiled all you need to know about Twitter’s wiki, today’s net worth as of 2023, inception, evolution, achievements and more facts. Well, if your all set, here is what I know.



Twitter was created in the year 2006, by Dorsey Jack, Evans Williams, Biz Stone, and Noah Glass. In the same year, that was when it was developed and was able to gain huge popularity. In the year 2012, there are more than one hundred million users that posted 340 million tweets in a single day. The service was able to handle an average of over 1.6 billion search queries every single day.

In the year 2013, it got to be visited very many websites, and it has been described as an internet of the SMS. It became among the most visited sites and in many occasions, it has been described ‘SMS of the internet.’ From the year 2016, Twitter has achieved more than 319 million followers. In the year 2016 during the presidential election, Twitter was made to be the largest source of most breaking news with more than 40 million election tweets.


This company has experienced super growth. Initially, in the year 2007, that was when he posted the quarter. It went on to grow to over 100 million tweets posted per quarter in the year 2008. In the year 2010, Twitter users were able to send over fifty million tweets every single day. Within three months, this had risen to over 65 million tweets which meant that for every single second, tweets sent were 750.

As of the year 2011, it doubled to 140 million every single day. In the year 2009, that was time when Twitter moved to be the third-highest ranked social networking site. Twitter has been known to be more used when they are global events. Some of the events that have been described globally include FIFA World Cup where the fans were able to write 2940 tweets in every single second. The highest number of tweets per second was 3085, and this was during an NBA game. Twitter has grown and also enlisted itself in the Initial Public Offer.


Some of the biggest achievement of this company includes creating awareness especially when there are problems that need to be addressed. In many instances, during natural calamities, they have contributed greatly in raising money to help the needy. Also, they have also donated their earnings to help the needy.

Twitter Net Worth in 2023

Twitter Net Worth
Twitter Net Worth

As of 2023, the total net worth of Twitter is over $10 billion. The total equity is estimated to be over $5 billion, and the revenue is over $2.44 while the current operating income is over $38 million.

The current chief executive officer of this company is Dorsey, who foresee the growth of this company from the beginning. In the year 2008, William was the acting CEO of the company while Dorsey was the chairman of the board. Twitter has been for its bird logo. In the year 2012, that was when the time that Twitter redesigned their logo and they had an updated icon.


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