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Tite Kubo Net Worth

Tite Kubo Net Worth 2020

Tite Kubo is a comic artist who is famous for his manga series, “Bleach.” He is one of the best manga artists in Japan. His manga series, “Bleach” was read by more than 20 million people across the world. Keep reading this article to know more about the Tite Kubo in 2020.

Early Life & Biography:

Tite Kubo Net Worth 2020

Tite Kubo was born on 26 June 1977 in Hiroshima, Japan. His father was the member of the town council committee. From the childhood, he was interested in the comics. When he was studying in the elementary school, he decided to become a manga artist.

Personal Life:

Not much information is available regarding the personal life of the Tite Kubo. Currently, he has a relationship status as married. He lives in Japan with his family.

Career, Awards, & Achievements:

He published his first one-shot manga, “Ultra Unholy Hearted Machine” in the Weekly Shonen Jump in 1994. In the same year, he produced his second one-shot fantasy manga, “Rune Master Urara.”

His 1997 one-shot manga, “Bad Shield United” turned his life. In 1999, he crafted his first Manga, “Zombiepowder” which was published in the Weekly Shonen Jump. This manga had 27 chapters, and the Weekly Shonen Magazine stopped this manga in 2000. After the cancellation of the “Zombiepowder,” he didn’t give up. He started thinking about the next manga, “Bleach” and published it again in the Weekly Shonen Magazine 2001.

His new manga, “Bleach” received many positive reviews from the many critics. It ran from 2001 to 2016 for almost 15 years and had 686 chapters in it. Based on the “Bleach” an anime was started in 2004, and it ran until 2012 broadcasting 366 episodes. In 2004, “Bleach” received the Shogakukan Manga Award. Four movies are produced on the Bleach in 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2018 respectively.

Due to the success of the Bleach, Tite Kubo appeared on the Japanese radio show, Bleach B-station as a guest. On the Bleach B-Station, Masakazu Morita interviewed him. He was also invited at the San Diego Comic-Con International in 2008.

In his entire career, he has written five databooks such as: “Bleach 13 BLADEs”, “Bleach Official Anime Guide Book VIBEs,” “Bleach Official Character Book 3 Unmasked”, “Bleach Official Character Book SOULs” and “Bleach Official Character Book 2 Masked”.

His upcoming artbook is “Bleach JET.” Recently, he has released another one-shot manga, “Burn The Witch.” Though he failed in the initial years of his career, he managed to get success as a manga artist.

Net Worth & Earnings:

Talking about the net worth of the Tite Kubo then, his net worth is around $55 million. He makes a tremendous amount of money from the manga that he produces. He also creates wealth from various sponsorships. He will be releasing the “Bleach JET” in 2018 which is nothing but the topic of discussion in the manga fraternity.

Today, every manga fan knows the name of the Tite Kubo. Due to his unique and out of box thinking, he gave the best manga series to the audience. Honestly, he is the legendary artist in the manga industry.