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Steven Avery Net Worth

Steven Avery Net Worth 2020

Steven Avery is a famous American convicted murderer who had been previously wrongly convicted of attempted murder together with sexual assault in the year 1985. In addition to this, he is a television personality who has gained much success in a television documentary known as Making a Murderer. He had served 18 years of his 32-year sentence while his DNA testing was released and hence was exonerated and released.

After this, he was then convicted of another case two years later on murder through which he was convicted and sentenced on life imprisonment though it was upheld by the higher courts. Keep reading this article to know more about the net worth of Steven Avery in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Steven Avery Net Worth 2020

Steven Avery was born on 9th July in the year 1962 in Manitowoc County, Wisconsin in the United States with his full name being Steven Allan Avery. He was born to his parents known as Dolores Avery together with Allan Avery. He has three siblings with which they include two brothers and one sister whose names are Chuck, Earl and Barbara respectively.

His family used to operate a salvage yard in Wisconsin in a 16 hectares property in which they lived outside town. Steven Avery went to the public schools in Mishicot as well as in Manitowoc and went to the elementary school for slower kids.

Personal Life

Steven Avery tied knots with Lori Mathiesen who was then a single mother. They together have four children known as Twins Will and Steven, Jeny and Rachel.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Steven Avery has spent much of his life on legal cases in which he commenced in 1981 through which he served 10 months in jail on conviction of burglarizing a bar. This was followed by a 9-month sentence on animal cruelty and in 1985 on forcing the car of Sandra Morris off the road through which he pointed a gun at her. This led him in receiving a three-year sentence following this incident.

In the year 1985, Penny Beernsten got raped in a beach near Two Rivers in which she provided a description of the assailant which resembled Steven Avery. He got arrested, and people witnessed that he was there at the time of the attack. He got convicted of the crime in late 1985 and sentenced for 32 years. He was confused with Gregory A. Allen who was also involved in other sex crimes, and Allen was never investigated.

Steven Avery later maintained his innocence in the year 2001 in Wisconsin Innocence project and following the DNA test of the pubic hair found on the victim matched the hair with Allen and charges against Avery were dropped. In 2005, another journalist was found dead in Avery’s compound, and Avery got arrested though he settled with a suit with $400,000 though later found guilty in 2007. Together with Dassey, they were featured in a Netflix film known as Making a Murderer.

Net Worth & Earnings

Steven Avery has an estimated net worth of somewhere around $500 thousand. He gains much of his popularity through the several lawsuits that he has been charged with which have made him experience many challenges in his career. However, he has gained much through the redemption of wrongful charges in which he had filed a wrongful charges redemption worth $36 million.

Steven Avery has faced many challenges with different lawsuits. However, his charges have been seen to be wrongfully done in which he served 18 years in prison on wrongful charges.


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