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Reynad Net Worth

Reynad Net Worth 2020

Popularly known as Reynad in the gaming world, Andrey Yanyuk is the ‘Hearthstone’ player of America. This 26-year-old player is one of the most popular players in the gaming world. To know more about the salary, assets, family, personal life, career, achievements and net worth of Reynad in 2020, read this article.

Early Life & Biography

Reynad Net Worth 2020

The resident of the Huntington Beach in California, Andrey Yanyuk is the owner and the founder of Tempo Storm which is an e-sport organization for professional video gamers. Before earning all this fame, Andrey was a normal player on a trading Card game known as Magic, The Gathering.

He was born on 27 January 1991 in Ukraine. As a small child when Andrey was in his early teen years, he had a lot of interest in playing video games. This great interest of his made him pursue a career which indulged him in playing a lot of games. These were the initial steps that facilitated him to advance as a pioneer game developer.

Andrey Yanyuk also served as a manager in a Danish band, Ritzy Who. Soon his Twitch account known as ‘reynad27’ got a tremendous amount of popularity and attracted a lot of people leading to the increase in the number of followers which went approximately up to 500,000 followers.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Known as the premier player of the Hearthstone game, Andrey Yanyuk has won many titles in a number of video gaming leagues. Andrey was crowned as the winner of the Lord of the Arena 1 event. He also witnessed victory in the gaming event for the Legendary Series season 2, Legendary Series season 4 and also Battle of the Best Invitational season 1 in 2015. Andrey is popular since his name was mentioned in the Forbes‘ 30 Under 30’ list in the year 2017.

Other than this, due to Reynad’s excellent performance in the field of online gaming, he was also been nominated for the very cool and every gamer’s dream award,i.e, The ‘Golden Joystick Award’. In the year 2016, Reynad stood at the 3rd position in the ‘Seoul Cup World Invitational’.

Personal Life

Andrew was into video games since he was a small child which made him choose game developing as a great job. Born in Ukraine, he used to live with his mother and a younger brother and a sister. There is no news of him having a relationship with anyone, so if you have a crush on this young gentleman who is a gamer, then you can be delighted.

Net Worth & Earnings

The very cool and spectacular journey of Andrey is nothing less than a Miracle. This 26-year-old American man is an example for many, and his success was all due to his intense thirst for knowledge and his way of living. This professional gamer currently owns his own game developing company, an e-Sports Tempo Sports organization and has a net worth of approximately $45 million.

Reynad is an inspirational idol for all those youngsters who are into video gaming. Through his journey of life and achievements, we learn how to achieve things which are considered to be beyond expectations. We wish him good luck and a successful future.