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Pokemon Net Worth

Pokemon Net Worth 2020

Children who have spent their school days in the 90s, they were all crazy about Pokemon. The company, Nintendo Gameboy started with some games with its creations. This company has eventually transformed into a multimedia franchise which has introduced Pokemon in the form of books, comics, cartoon characters and even as a favorite card game. The Pokemon franchise is still one of the favorite things in the modern market. Let us have a look into the net worth of pokemon in 2020.


Pokemon Net Worth 2020

Every Pokemon fan is acquainted with the animated version of the Pokemon characters. These were Japanese cartoons. The Pokemon franchise had started with its game, but it found more popularity after introducing them in the form of animation.

The Pokemon series is one of the most extensive television cartoon series which can be watched even today. It has already completed 19 years in the world of animation, and it’s still counting. Furthermore, the protagonist of the show with its favorite Pokemon, Pikachu has held on the attention of the audience even today.


The first generation of Pokemon was launched in the market with color Red and Green. From this two colors, they also created the Blue and Yellow Pokemons. The next generation was introduced in Gold and Silver color, along with Pokemon Crystal. This time the game also added the Pokemon Puzzle Challenge. The interesting fact about the game is that each succeeding generation of the game is much more advanced and diverse which tempts a number of people to play the game. In the year 2016, the Pokemon game had launched his game with the Sun and Moon Pokemons.

The Pokemon franchise has also introduced some comic books under its name. Some of them follow exactly the procedure of the game. But some of them have their original plots. These comics are published in English. But there are Pokemon comics which are published in Japanese and welled only in that country.

Finally, the Pokemon has developed itself to a successful trading card game too. It had launched their card game when card game was in vogue in the market. Thereby, it had received a large amount of profitable business from this card game too.


Pokemon is one of the most successful franchises running in the form of animation, comic books, toy products, and finally the trading card game. It has captured every market wherever it has been launched. It has been ruling the market for nineteen years.

Net Worth and Earnings:

Till now, there has not been a proper estimate of the total earnings received by the Pokemon franchise. Nintendo was intelligent enough not to let out the profits of his business. So if we try to estimate its net worth, it would be around $15 billion.

The Pokemon franchise has been a vital form of entertainment for a large section of kids in the 90s. Children went crazy over Pokemon characters, especially over Pikachu. They also got more involved playing the game after the launch of the trading card game. The Pokemon franchise provided kids with a great stress buster and a fun-filled pleasurable gaming sensation.