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Peter Thomas Net Worth

Peter Thomas Net Worth 2020

Peter Thomas was a popular narrator and announcer of the television shows and programs including the shows such as Forensic Files and Nova. He was best known for his voice-over work of his for various advertisements and documentary. Now let’s have a close look on the net worth of Peter Thomas in 2020.

Early Life & Biography:

Peter Thomas Net Worth 2020

Peter Addenbrooke Thomas was born on June 28, 1924, in Pensacola, Florida to his parents Sibyl Addenbrooke and John D. Thomas. His father was a Presbyterian minister and his mother was a primary school teacher. His father always stressed the importance of knowledge and wanted that his son to complete his education.

When he was just 14 years of age he started working as an announcer in a local radio show. He went to The Stony Brook School but left the school in 1943 to join the United States Army. He was the part of the First Infantry Division which fought five major wars including the Battle of Bulge and Battle of Normandy. He won many awards for his contribution in the army.

Personal Life:

He married his wife Stella Thomas in the year 1946. They were together until she died in the year 2014. At the age of 91, Peter Thomas died on May 2016.

Career, Awards & Nominations:

Peter Thomas narrated the documentary “One Survivor Remembers” which won the Oscar Award for the best documentary.

It was about the personal experience of Gerda Weissman Klein when she lived in the concentration camps in Nordhausen. The show was produced by the HBO network. He worked in the movie of HBO “Battle of Hurtgen Forest” and it was a coincidence that he actually fought the battle while serving the United States Army. He also narrated the television show “How the West was Lost” which aired on the Discovery channel.

He was also the narrator of the popular science television series “Nova” which aired on the PBS network. He used to work from his home through ISDN. Before pursuing his career of narration he worked as an anchor for the CBS news channel. He also gave his voice for the song “19” which was released in the year 1985. He was awarded many medals during his career in the army including The Bronze Star, Belgian Fourragère, The Purple Heat and many more.

Net Worth & Earnings:

The estimated net worth of Peter Thomas was more than $2 million at the time of his death. He accumulated most of his net worth from his work as a narrator and announcer. He also worked at many recording studios throughout Europe and United States. Peter has worked on numerous commercials and advertisements throughout his career including IBM, NBC, Burger King and many more. He has worked on many stage shows which also helped in increasing his net worth.

Peter Thomas was one of the most renowned narrators and announcers in this world. He narrated the audio version of the novel of Natalie Babbitt “Tuck Everlasting”.


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