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Nash Grier Net Worth

Nash Grier Net Worth 2020

Nash Grier is a renowned internet personality who has been famous from the ecstatic vine videos he creates. He commenced releasing some of his creativity together with the artistic foothold in the year 2013 from which he has risen too much of his success despite his young age. He has been featured even in the 20 most influential people on the internet in the Time Magazine. This, as a result, has made him very popular in all the social media networks. With this, Now let’s have a closer look at the net worth of Nash Grier in 2020.

Early Life & Biography

Nash Grier Net Worth 2020

Nash Grier was born on 28th December in the year 1997 in North Carolina. He was born to his parents by the name Elizabeth Floyd and Chad Grier. He has three sibling of which he was the second of all the four children of the couple. His siblings are known as Will Grier who is the eldest, Hayes younger than Nash and half-sister knew as Skylynn who was born out of the marriage of this couple.

Nash Grier was in his first year in the Davidson Day School during the release of the mobile app Vine. He was not able to complete his education studies, and as a result, he commenced online schooling in the year 2014 in Los Angeles which became of much help in him in pursuing his professional career. He then got introduced to using the Vine Application in the smartphone from which he started uploading comedy clips of just 6 seconds which turned out to be a success.

Personal Life

In early 2016, rumors were circulating in the social media that Nash Grier was dating Taylor Giavasis. He then later confirmed of their relationship later in the social media.

Career, Awards & Nominations

Through his Vine videos, he rose into popularity to the outer world in which his popularity rose within a very short period of time. He started collaborating with Magcon who was also known as Meet and Greet Convention which also gave him much opportunity to interact with his fans globally. In his 16 birthday, he moved to Los Angeles from which he bought an apartment together with Dallas from which they started living together with Bryant Eslava after which he then went to reside at Beverly Hills.

In addition, he has also collaborated with other individuals in launching video games together which include persons such as Mobli, Challenged and Cash Dash. He also has his own website where he sells his products as well as his creations. Some of his business is in collaboration with Brother Hayes and Dallas in which he began in Aeropostale garments which are known as United XXVI which he sells through his website. He has more than 13 million followers in Vine, and 5 million subscribers on YouTube with his Twitter handle together with Instagram having 5 million and 9.5 million respectively.

He also has another Vine account names as Nash Grier 2 which has 2.5 million followers. He has additionally been featured in some of the famous shows such as The View and Good Morning America. He is also the director for an eminent singer known as Bera. Following his fame, he was nominated in the People’s Choice Awards of the United States in 2017.

Net Worth & Earnings

Nash Grier has an estimated net worth of $4 million. This comes from the fortunate earnings he has made in his professional career through which he has perfectly used his humor as well as wit in gaining much popularity. Much of his earnings come from the social media platforms which he has had much following.

Nash Grier has moved beyond imagination in moving against the odds that one has to have the full formal education to succeed, as well as that one, must be aged to succeed. Even in his young age, he has been a celebrity drawing the attention of most people globally which has been well paying to him.


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